Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jazz? 2.21% cheek!

The top graphic illustrates the lyrical preoccupations of Hip Hop, proportionally, when broken down by body part. The second graphic covers the representation of body parts in the alternative genre. 

The artists behind the Fleshmap project have listened to 10000 songs and broken things down for us in their interactive map called "Listen", which is well worth a look, especially for us 'Spillers who like nothing more than to collate songs on a topic! 

Personally speaking, and especially as it's eyes and hands that dominate the categories, I'd like to hear more songs about tummies. 

And to prove the point above, here's an mp3 that mentions pussy, ass, coochie, dick, tits, and possibly more besides.  Diplo cleverly steals the backing track from Peter, Bjorn and John's "Young Folks" and throws a load of filth over the top. Jobs a good 'un. 
....guess what genre?

Young Folks Pussy by Diplo


steenbeck said...

christian rock?

Shoey said...

Hehe, Steen.

I guess if all you get is arse & bollocks, you know your career is in trouble.

Blimpy said...

Shoey - you have a good point; 99% of all types of music is bollocks. Luckily us 'Spillers have a good nose for seeking out the good 1%

saneshane said...

"I guess if all you get is arse & bollocks, you know your career is in trouble."

or on the up if you're the Magnetic Fields

Blimpy said...

tee hee

Shoey said...

Seem to remember Magnetic Fields did a great cover of Heroes IMHO.

Blimpy said...

boxstr stats tell me that that was one hell of a popular mp3 to post up!!!!