Friday, August 8, 2008

thanking the people who need thanking


Havent been around for a bit. Just to say a big thank you to Darceys Dad for bringing me a lot of lovely music from the meets I missed. Have got my shit together now for good hopefully, and am really enjoying the music (well, most of it!)

I've made the mistake of not finding out who most of the stuff is by.

There's one song, a "jaunty"(!) soul type thing - something like "mama this man treats me no good" or something. WHO IS IT BY? ITS ACE!




Mnemonic said...

Glad you're back. We've missed you.

Blimpy said...


steenbeck said...


saneshane said...

Ruth Brown 'mama, he treats your daughter mean'

is this it? Good to have you back

froths!!! will that suit for my 'spillism.

fourfoot said...

No its not that sadly. Damn, if I knew how to add music to this site.....Im guessing its something Philly early 70s. Lots of ridiculously joyful strings.

Anyway, I updated the alltime chart this morning as I had nowt better to do.

Cant believe Nick Nicely didnt make the surreal chart....

thanks for the kind messages....


ejaydee said...

Fithfs! Welcome back 4", I think the song you're talking about is Mama by Annette Poindexter & Pieces Of Peace, from Twinight Records.

ToffeeBoy said...

Welcome back fourfoot - I see that ejaydee has inadvertently reduced you to 4 inches! Not good for anyone's self esteem!

DarceysDad said...

Nay, nay, fourfoot, THANK YOU.

Me being an irritatingly fickle kinda guy, one of the things that finally got me posting on RR (as opposed to Gordon simply nagging me I ought to for months) was the idea that there was this league table of successful nominations.
So if it wasn't for you ...

I've never got The Fall, and as a Merseysider-by-upbringing, had too often ended up in bad-tempered stand-offs on the subject of MES. It was nice to find someone who I could have the discussion with who would respond with thoughtful good humour, not a condescending sneer at any remaining scouse twang in my voice.
So if it wasn't for you ... #2

The tale of your epic round trip for the first Social made me doubly-determined not to miss any more, should there be any. Which led me to (oh the irony) a drunken night in Manchester, and a thoroughly enjoyable visit to our metropolis to meet the outgoing guru.
So if it wasn't for you ... #3

You get the picture, mate!

Oh and by the way, I was late arriving at Mwnt and got an ear-bashing from DarceysMam, but it was worth it for (a) the chance to meet you and, um, twofoot shall we say? (b) a damned fine cup of coffee - no-one makes mine strong enough normally (c) directions to the cheapest petrol in Wales at Cardiff Morrisons (d) an excellent tip on where to do the shopping on my way to Cardigan.

Re the CDs and your 'Philly' track, if you can tell me how many songs there are in the relevant folder, and which track number it is, I can probably figure it out for you.

Cheers, that man!

PS - I still can't stand The Bloody Fall.


DarceysDad said...

Oh and erm, mail me the updated table would you?


fourfoot said...

I'll email the updated table to DD in the morning - I've no longer bothered with the B list as it wasnt very consistently done and it was more hassle.

Thanks for the kind words and the correct source of the mama treats you no good. Im still playing detective with most of the tracks which makes it fun.

in the meantime, ive added a strange little article to the blog.

keep on keeping on....


goneforeign said...

Paul; I tried to get in on the welcoming committee early on but t'Spill was acting silly and wouldn't accept my comments. Double dondings on all of the above, welcome home.