Friday, August 8, 2008


‘In Chaos I See’ The Clint Boon Experience talking you in slowly

‘Devil's Eyes’ Buck 65 not the piano version, the harder original.

‘Father's Eyes’ De Rosa I’m a sucker for accents in song and this is pure.

‘Beatific Visions’ Brakes one of my favourite bands

‘Little Eyes’ Yo La Tengo When my son was born I had this album on repeat (summer sun) this song is beautiful and I’m sure I’ve taken the words completely differently to how they were written. I designed a peace of graffiti- elephants on surf boards- for his room inspired by the ‘How to make a baby elephant float’ title too.

‘If You Close Your Eyes’ The Herbaliser some Jean Grae vocals just for steenbeck

‘Eyes are Mosaics’ Harold Budd, Simon Raymonde, Robin Guthrie, Elizabeth Fraser beautiful- what would you expect?

‘Fish’ Throwing Muses “it sings to me with glassy eyes and quotes from Kafka” “the girl behind the counter see a fin school” “lonely is a eyesore, the feeling describes itself” In my top 10 Kristin songs.. makes so much sense to me.

‘Sight of You’ Pale Saints I must have been coming out of a relationship when this was released… I played it at 5 a.m. and started welling up… listen out for the crackles.. only on vinyl do you get this joy!

‘Night Vision’ Now It's Overhead “Night falls, over lids that won't close, I'm wide awake worrying how long until I say….your highest high is my lowest low..”

'The Dress looks nice on you' Sufjan Stevens.. this is such a beautiful song just for R.

Hope this all works... everything is playing up today.

Clint Boon X
Buck 65
De Rosa
Yo La Tengo
The Herbaliser
Harold Budd
Throwing Muses
Pale Saints
Now it's Overhead
Sufjan Stevens


ToffeeBoy said...

Any playlist with a Sufjan Stevens track on it works for me. I'll give the rest another listen tomorrow. Thanks shane.

nilpferd said...

Nice sounds. I love that Herbaliser track, such a perfect groove with the guitar loop and the brass. Particularly like the Sufjan Stevens and Brakes tracks too.

Shoegazer said...

Excellent choices as usual Shane. Clint Boon Experience was new to me - loved that one. Great to hear Pale Saints, Throwing Muses & the Cocteaus again.