Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some more Debut albums

Glad Dorians second effort didn't go for the original sex sells...
with that and shoegazers.. I ask you, eh!

Bevern - The New Metaphors

I think we might be a slightly pretentious techno duo..

Shoey Productions, Proudly Present:

Upham’s Corner “No Cure For Curiosity”

Like the name, title & as for the album cover...#1 with a bullet, I reckon (all it needs is some some music).

Check out my new band,
Cura te ipsum
New album
'immune to bullets'
Château de Murol, France


saneshane said...

and who would believe it.. can't get Gareths in either.. after starting all this off!

TonNL said...

Here's one more from me:

English folk legend Jon Talbain makes a stunning Richard Thompson-like come-back with his album "A smile and a gun", last thing we had heard from Jon was his quite unsuccessfull cooperation with French lute/harp-plater Bertrand Renouvin under the slightly mysterious moniker "Engelmund of Velzen" in 1971.

Jon Talbain - A smile and a gun

Why he didn't name the album "Business Hours" is one of the questions that will be answered in our exclusive interview with the reclusive artist in our next issue.

TonNL said...

plater = player....