Friday, August 15, 2008

whatever I say, it's right

I have a bit of a reputation for being an argumentative sod, which is no wonder when you consider what I spend my time listening to..

Starting with Betty Davis- she's pretty damn sure it's her man, not yours..

The Clean forges ahead regardless- whatever they say, its right. Unless its wrong...

The Chills Effloresce and Deliquesce again, I posted this for science, now it's time to analyse the chemistry of a lover's tiff.. this time the Submarine Bells version.

The Go-betweens, You can't say no forever. Just don't try telling that to Betty Davis, Robert..

More conciliatory.. Ty, Wait a minute, remixed by Dwele. Ty is trying to do the right thing, although he may just be digging himself into a deeper hole.. see the above video...

Stripeybrat has requested I post Grant Mclennans "Dark stripey side of town" for Toffeeboy- apparently after some sort of cathartic experience they're getting back together again...

Player removed

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