Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tiktak - Lopeta ("Stop")

Ever since I lived in Finland - for about 8 months, back in 1999/2000 - I've had this album (Frendit) and this track in my collection. Everytime I hear it, it has me clapping and singing along, even though I dont speak a word of Finnish. What I wanna know I just a lolloping nutcase with earmuffs or is this a classic pop tune? Answers on a postcard, etc. sourpus


DaddyPig said...

I'm not sure it's a Classic pop tune, but it's not a bad one ! And what do I know anyway ?? It's good to be caught by a catchy tune.

TatankaYotanka said...

A perverted, upspeeded Kinks riff ... what more do you want in a classic?

Mnemonic said...

Good catchy pop, probably improved by not understanding a word of Finnish.

sourpus said...

Definitely improved. The Finnish words translated into English...take the chorus for example...

"Hey, stop - you can't
make me care for you
you should understand allready
So stop and leave
find someone else
who could be interested in you"

...leave one with the feeling that it would need considerable revision to work in lingua franca. Its not Tiktak's version (good as it sounds to me) that I like thought, so much as the tune, which strikes me as reworkable into something or other by a variety of means. Whether that A minor down to F, via G thing up and down the fretboard is a Kinks copyright i'm not sure, but I still find I like the song year after year and I can come back to it. Cheers all!