Friday, August 1, 2008

Please... and Thank you for the music.

teşekkür ederim = thanks
Lütfen = please
(I think that's what I was supposed to say)

Uploading files, please wait……
Okay ‘International Velvet’ is funny.. “Every day when I wake up I thank the Lord I’m Welsh” also it starts like chitty chitty bang bang.

Kings of Convenience do their usual ..but “five weeks in a prison..” what for? Frightening soft toys? We need to know!

Ultra Vivid Scene do their feedback drone that I love to death.. So much so that I had to down load this again because the vinyl was so worn and jumpy I felt you all deserved better.

Seeed do a good festie.. A much played collection from my German friends.

Soulwax in their band mode inject a little of the 2many djs vibe

Kano gets a nod as B**** Please various versions (snoop, xzibit eminem) is too well know. I didn’t think this would be such a tuff theme.

Youssou gets in ‘Please Wait’ is the most over used words on this screen.. The song makes up for it.

The Elected ‘Greetings in Braille‘ I find beautiful, so any excuse…
“And if you see me down at the liquor store,PLEASE don't tell my dad.And if you see my dad down at the liquor store,don't tell me anything at all”
Is the only line that counts!

Muse do a song some might know.

Luna covers just bring me joy.

And I’ll finish with Whistler ‘Thank You’ for listening.

Kings of Convenience
Ultra Vivid Scene
Youssou N'Dour
The Elected


Shoegazer said...

Sorry for beating you to the "Press" again - but as long as one of us get's them in, right? I got beaten to a Devoto this week if it helps.

I'm finding that the Boxtr desktop works great (unlike the web interface, that locks up all the time). If that is the problem you are having, suggest you give the desktop a try.

Look foward to listening to your list later. Cheers.

saneshane said...

The desktop is still 2 day past of the amount I've uploaded and didn't want to catch there a reset bit on that I'm missing?

But yours are playing fine..oh well..time for sleep anyway..

Shoegazer said...

Can't help much right now as I'm on the mobile & can't listen to anything. You could try taking the player code out of your post if it's still playing up (or, rather not playing up) tomorrow? Night.

saneshane said...

Re posted the codes from the desktop (now it has caught up)..Seems to be fine from that.

steenbeck said...

I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but the picture is very intriguing. I love the light in it (and the shadows)--the light forms a sort of window. And the patches of color in the general greyness...

saneshane said...

Hey ya steenb,
the picture was taken in a street in Istanbul full of shops selling instruments (we got a drum for zane) it was an amazing mosaic that all the coloured squares had fallen off onto the pile on the floor..and were glinting in the morning sunlight...but it was really small and about 4 inches off the pavement...Why had someone gone to that effort to make it?

Glad they did...even destroyed I found it a little bit of broken beauty.

Shoegazer said...

Hey Shane, looking foward to your list, UVS in particular, but having trouble getting the files to play. Are you out of bandwidth?

saneshane said...

Hey ya shoey..this is doing my head in this weekend as I said to Steen over on the RR.

Bandwidth has been reset twice since they were uploaded..I'm not over limit...and Boxstr is working fine on IE..mine play , yours play..
but nothing if I switch to firefox.
after re doing all the codes..I thought it was fine why is it not playing for other people???

saneshane said...

can you just listen there?

Blimpy said...

Safari say "no" to my enjoyment of shanetunes

saneshane said...

okay I've just tried with it again..can anyone listen?

Mnemonic said...

It's working now although yesterday it went straight to another list.

saneshane said...

at last someone else can listen after how many hours? thanks mnemonic
(but does it work in all formats aheemmmmm!)

DarceysDad said...

Playing fine for me Shane, but I'm on PC / IE.

steenbeck said...

Ha! in a bizarre twist of fate it's working now but i can't possibly listen.

I love the photo even more after your description, Shane. That's sort of what I imagined, though I did'n't quite guess the scale. It's strange how we add our meanings though, because it seemed supplicating, when I had Please in my mind.

Shoegazer said...

Yay, well worth waiting for, thanks Shane. Good to hear "Ring the Alarm" again, liked both the cover versions, International Velvet &, of course, UVS.

saneshane said...

glad you are all getting it now..they'll be such a disappointment i'm guessing after this wait...

'Supplicating' I looked it up, and still didn't really understand....oh, now I've found a definition..and it's taken me all this time to work that out .think I get it now..

DsD cheers..simple for the pc I think!
shoegazer you should just e-mail your address.. every once in a while I send out a selection of compilations..mostly RR much easier than uploading I find

ok..time to changes again from tomorrow.

Proudfoot said...

Hadn't heard 'Whistler' before (and it's VERY catchy), and liked the Luna 'Heads Cover too so, er, thanks.