Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is this the right room for an argument?

David Holmes thinks so, in this "Who'd win a fight between James Bond and John Shaft" argument.
Next is The Avalanches' veritable boxing card: Mr Kirk v Miss Fishborne, Dexter v The Baltimore County School Board, Dexter v a strange old man, before the headline bout: Frontier Psychiatrist v Dexter.
Then Soulwax underscore a rowing couple with Funky Town.
To close, I Am Kloot's mysterious Twist. "We fuck and we fight, someone else does the dishes," sings Johnny Bramwell. "There's blood on your legs, I love you" is one of the oddest choruses around.


Blimpy said...

Top first post!

Welcome aboard the good ship Spill!

GarethI said...

It's good to be on board, Skipper.