Monday, August 11, 2008

The Debut Album Game

I would have put this on the 'spill but my registration hasn't come through yet, so if anyone wants to put this up there, feel free to. It's fun…
This was from Gareth and the E-mails are flying around.. those not in touch should join in... As the competent two are away I'll try a post this for you.... but I don't want any proper control. NO WAY.


Follow these simple instructions to find the name of your band, your album title and your sleeve design. Childish but fun, says the man behind Manitoba Highway 110.

* 1: Go to
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

* 2: Go to Random quotations:
The last four words (more or less if it makes sense) of the very last quote of the page is the title of
your first album.

* 3: Go to flickrs 'last seven days' section:
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

This is saneshanes cool new band...or not!

Maurits Binger Film Institute

“On to be scared”

We’re called KDXG

Named after a classic rock station in Missouri

Debut album called “Madness Gotten Finer”

And get this cover:

corporate.goth. Day225-365

from DsD.

next up... Gareths..
Manitoba Highway 110 - Let It Never Go By

Heel Lifts- As Smart and Interesting As Any Of My Friends
(You Know who you are.. but wouldn't want to be linked to this picture!)

the rest have been attachments so can't link...
go on... put them in the comments


The Dark Lord Dsd said...

DsD is now the frontman for KXDG (named after a Classic Rock radio station in Missouri) and our debut album Madness Gotten Finer will be out soon, just as soon as we can figure out how to reproduce the moody black nail polish look of the fuzzed-out emo-goth bloke on our album cover.

saneshane said...

the black nail polish will suit you DsD.. hope you don't mind the post... will try and add more if I can grab the photos...

but to sleep now.

ToffeeBoy said...


My band is called "Big Point Mississippi" (BPM to our real fans) and we're proud to present our debut album "The Brain Is An Educational Toy". Our album cover, unfortunately, is shite - and I have no idea how to let you see it. All the other pictures on the page would have made brilliant album covers but, no, I had to get one of an averagely attractive woman, posing slightly seductively, but with a strangely sheepish look on her face...

We are "Big Point Mississippi - Goodnight!"

Dorian74 said...

Is it cheating to find a new album cover because I didn't save the link for the first one? Nah.

Bevern - The New Metaphors

I think we might be a slightly pretentious techno duo.

Shoegazer said...

Shoey Productions, Proudly Present:

Upham’s Corner “No Cure For Curiosity”

Like the name, title & as for the album cover...#1 with a bullet, I reckon (all it needs is some some music).

TonNL said...

TonNL is proud to present (although it all sounds & looks quite "emo" to me...):

American League Division Series Broadcasters - Fight it out inside

CaroleBristol said...

My band is called Kavita Chhibber

Our album is called "Confronted with insurmountable opportunities"

and the cover is


nilpferd said...

..the horror.. (that's my reaction, not the band name)... I've created a chewing gum popping, stripy-tighted, emogirltastic monster lovefest..

Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)- first release "lovest what is lovely".
And here they are in all their finery...

I think I have to go and lie down for the rest of the week now...

treefrogdemon said...

Hong Kong Central Hospital announce their new album 'Look Including Inside Ourselves' -

I think we're probably a set of ISB wannabees - no connection to Hong Kong, obv

Frogprincess said...

Currently sending out ads to find a teenage bassist, drummer and lead guiter for new American indie combo to rival Greenday, the Hoosiers, Cake etc etc...
- National Institut of Sports
to record our debut album
- Results in a victory (which spookily fits and is actually from Clemenceau)
And here's our album cover:
Good game, good game!

DarceysDad said...

@ TonNL & ToffeeBoy - to you want to put together a 'Spill showcase tour? I asked Gordon but he thinks his lot might be a bit new-age limp for our moshpit crew.

@ nilpferd - it's extract coffee from keyboard time again! Which one are you: StripeyBrat or BingedrinkerBrat?

Anyway, got to go. I'm getting measured up for my stage gear this morning at the Harley shop: RRRAAAWWKK-KONN!

fourfoot said...

Almost worth forming a band,,,,

Name of the band is Walnut Grove, Indiana.

Our album is called "Order To Be Unhappy"

This is the cover here

ejaydee said...

Due to creative differences over the cover art, the Heel Lifts have broken up. Now here's Emilie Mondor, and her album is "You'll be shot at"...

nilpferd said...

neither- I'm mountain desert brat, wearing the snow-leopard skins...
Ko Ko Mo is desperately seeking a hunky boy band, it's soo booooooring here..

TatankaYotanka said...

Monty Tiwa
presents ..

My Work Is A Game

Introspective folktronica funboy

nilpferd said...

Ko Ko Mo thinks Monty is Soooooo Süüüüssss.... Stripeybrat wants one of those soft-toys as a keychain to hang from her nose...

bethnoir said...

Check out my new band,
Cura te ipsum
New album
'immune to bullets' is pictured below

Inspired by the storms over the chateau where it was recorded, melodic metal band, Cura te ipsum, have distilled the power of nature into this arresting debut album, out now...

this is fun, I bet there's a band called that somewhere already!

bethnoir said...
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nilpferd said...

Oooh, thats more like it Bethnoir.. what are the chances of getting Cura te ipsum to make a guest appearance on Ko Ko Mo's difficult and dark second album, "Hatest what is hateful"?

CaroleBristol said...

It is with regret that Last Chance Records are informing the world of the demise of ethno-metal prog rock combo Kavita Chhibber due to musical differences.

However, singer and guitarist CaroleBristol has formed a new band from the ashes of Kavita Chhibber.

Laydeez and Gennulmen, we proudly introduce;

Sphaeropsis blight

avant garde symphonic death metal noise merchants with their stunning debut album

End of the Year

Cover art;

ShivSidecar said...

This is fun.

By some strange form of synchronicity my name is ShivSidecar, my difficult debut album is "A Love Supreme", and the cover art looks like this: . I've never been suave before...

...oh alright then. My band is C.J.Hooker Middle School; the album title is "Most Patient Of Teachers", and the sleeve art is here: . It's a Christian-emo hybrid, edging into death metal. I can't explain it any more, some of you Just. Won't Get. It.

steenbeck said...

I am soooooooooo confused.

TracyK said...

Fantata! My band are called Ace Records (!), their quirky alt/college radio type musical debut is called 'Strange Names To Diseases' and the cover looks like this:
Fabulous way to combat my body's inability to shrug off jetlag!!!!!

steenbeck said...

Band--Shaun Marsh
Album--Not a Slight Pleasure

steenbeck said...

I missed all the fun!! I can't believe how brillliant some of the bands/albums/pictures are. And toffeeboy & DsD you're mad geniuses (genii?)

Shaun Marsh--not so much fun-- an Australian cricketeer. What would he or a band named after him play? An ACDC cover band, perhaps?

steenbeck said...

Um, I know this makes me, like, totally uncool, but is that THE dorian?

ejaydee said...

It is him, our ex-guru has (finally) descended amongst us, let's hope it's a start.

Exodus said...

I present

Mors Kochanski

'Sign Nothing Without Reading It

Cover -

Socially aware folk-rock written and demo'ed during a three month sabbatical in a shack on a beach in Goa.

(This is my third attempt to post this so if it pops up three times apologies!)

snadfrod said...

I had to catch up and try this - not least because I'm delighted with how it turned out.

Out this Monday, the debut album by Epistolography - "Ashamed of the Human Race".


snadfrod said...

I had to catch up and try this - not least because I'm delighted with how it turned out.

Out this Monday, the debut album by Epistolography - "Ashamed of the Human Race".