Saturday, August 16, 2008

a little amount of RAAAAAAAAAH

saul williams
buck 65
Plan B
sage francis
the mountain goats
Wild Billy Childish

Saul Williams ‘Talk To Strangers’

“I ain't trying to fit in……
As a great man once said
There is nothing more powerful
Than an idea
Whose time
Has come”

a great argument… well put.

The Cure ‘ Us or Them’

I got this album in Germany the day it came out, having not enjoyed the Cure for years.. Us or Them and alt.end were just great.

(It did help that I had just come out of a relationship and was feeling very teenage GRRRR!)

Kenickie ‘Classy’

“Break your face
Not that much to look at anyway

We make things out of dust
So we can smash them up
We never see the sights
We're out too late at night”

simply nights out with little spats.. the joys(!) of a drunken argument .

Lush ‘Ciao’

Well, I've felt better since I slammed that door
You always cramped my style, I never noticed before
It's been a non-stop party since I flew the coop
I can't believe I fell for such a loser like you

And is it any wonder that I felt so blue
When I was always having to put up with you

‘Ladykillers’ could have worked too, but as this didn’t get in to duets.. here it is.

Buck 65 ‘Exes’

“She came with heavy baggage and a stupid ass beagle
Man, I hated that dog, it would shit in the kitchen
And howl in the morning, always scratching and itching
Queen of the plastic bag, forked tongue and 80's retro
Everything from new wave, metal and electro…..”

“….The outcome was volcanic, disgusting and wonderful
Messy, confusing, exciting and depressing”

Sometimes you just make a wrong choice!

Plan B ‘Who Needs Actions When You Got Words’

“When trouble comes knockin i'll be ready alright,

put my fists up ready to fight,

but i aint gotta put my fists up everytime.

Who needs actions when you got, you got words”

Mr. Potty mouths best and least offensive song.

Sage Francis ‘Climb Trees’

“So I say shit loud in their ears and I spit a wretched verse in their face...
Disrespecting their personal space
In a split second, curtains and drapes get closed
They think they've shut me out, but I can see their ugly mouth in the shape of "O"s”

this is a man that could argue in an empty room.. hence…

“Yeah, if these walls could talk they wouldn't shut the fuck up”

the brilliant ‘Crack Pipes’ fits too

“It's like a whirlwind of emotions that occurs when mums and dads fight”

but I’ve nominated that in so many themes I’ve given up!

The Mountain Goats ‘Orange Ball Of Hate’

“I know that one of us,
I'm not saying who,
has got rocks in HER head”

Just genius line,

very early recording ‘Dance Music’ or ‘No Children’ gets my original vote though.

Wild Billy Childish And The Musicians Of The British Empire ‘Again and Again’

Cruising for a bruising as ever.


nilpferd said...

I'd like to disagree but it's a great playlist. Particularly like the buck 65 (the line about sun and rain being needed for grass to grow), Saul Williams, and Plan B.

steenbeck said...

Another good list, Saneshane. Once again, I like the Saul Williams mucho. I'd never heard of him before.

Off again for a few days. I'll be swimming in the Atlantic and will be sure to wave to everyone over there.

saneshane said...

oh steen, I must have sent you the
BEATS Bobs and Barts cd ( I did it for you, so I hope I did send it.. Saul Williams 'Tao Of Now' is on it.. but it is after rjd2 'june' so you might have been over whelmed!)

nilpf, glad you like... buck 65 is one of my favourites, but so much out put, quality control is needed.. not getting the Ty from 'don't you know' yet, will listen again.

Plan B made me want to wash my ears out when I first heard the cd... I ain't 18 any more.. but powerful writing on other tracks.

steenbeck said...

D'oh, of course you did, and of course it is!! And I like that one a lot too. Sorry, I was speaking in haste, packing for a trip we'd decided to make at the last minute, trying to feed the boys, generally trying to do too much at once. I forgot to pack any shirts for Malcolm, too.

saneshane said...

no worries steenb..(I was only joking).. shall sort you out a best of soon as I'm back after the weekend.

But a good job it was just shirts you forget not Malcolm..

liked your playlist by the way. I had quite a day yesterday listening to about 60 arguing songs while working in awful English weather.. grrrr I think is the conclusion.