Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More of the debut album game

(this is all for fun.. anyone who would like their image removed, just yell.. the svengali will be taken from the charts and seriously tickled.... and nilpferd.. that could be by your band.. you have been warned.)

Before joining the American League Division Series Broadcasters, lead singer Tim Kraskey (a completely random 3rd degree LinkedIn.com connection of mine...) used to be in:

Glaverbel - Romanticism or Politics

Et, au petit matin, mon âme s'est perdue dans les sombres ténèbres où me guidaient ses pas !
gives a nice impression of the moody New Order meets Echo & the Bunnymen music they made, not too successful, alas......

Monty Tiwa
presents ..
My Work Is A Game
Frankie and Bingo sitting on the fence 99/365 8/8/08
Introspective folktronica funboy ......
from TatankaYotanka

Emilie Mondor, and her album is "You'll be shot at"...
the big red barn

Currently sending out ads to find a teenage bassist, drummer and lead guiter for new American indie combo to rival Greenday, the Hoosiers, Cake etc etc...
- National Institut of Sports
to record our debut album
- Results in a victory (which spookily fits and is actually from Clemenceau)
Simala #1

Hong Kong Central Hospital announce their new album 'Look Including Inside Ourselves'
I think we're probably a set of ISB wannabees - no connection to Hong Kong, obv...

Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)- first release "lovest what is lovely".
Encontre esta foto
..the horror.. (that's my reaction, not the band name)... I've created a chewing gum popping, stripy-tighted, emogirltastic monster lovefest..

Sorry if I've not been able to sort any (j-pegs or not able to embed )
how much fun is this.
First one up with a song in the style of their band wins some bubblegum pop.


saneshane said...

I think I've failed on TonNL, carolebristol, fourfoots (and more?) images sorry about that.. await a blimpy steenb and a bet on GFs image not suiting his taste in the slightest.

nilpferd said...

nice one shane... err, something by Tokio Hotel perhaps?..
Actually Ko Ko Mo are ex-Julliard grads who play their own instruments, they are a Betty Davis/Courtney Love inspired riot grrl funk-jazz outfit- the emo cossies and soft-porn pouting are "ironic".

Frogprincess said...

What is amazing is how credible most of these actually sound...

treefrogdemon said...

What fun, shane - thanks for posting the pix!

treefrogdemon said...

btw my Spill access is now back to normal

saneshane said...

It is the technology version of the Peel sessions game... randomly shout the first three words that come into your head.
It'll be a band that John Peel championed.
continue by giving it an era and then depending on how good/ bad the name is.. how many Peel sessions they did..

Think it was Mark and Lard..
Think we were drunk.

Frogprincess said...

I can now also open the 'Spill with IE without it crashing. But since I like Firefox so much....

ToffeeBoy said...

The reason that the 'Spill is now apparently working in IE again is that whatever was causing it to crash before has now dropped off the bottom of this page. If you open this in IE and then follow the link to 'Older Posts' at the bottom you'll find that it will crash.

DarceysDad said...

Shane - "Daniel Parker" claims the promised prize!