Friday, August 15, 2008

The trouble with speaking too soon

Here is - in fact - an English version of the song I posted below, which Tiktak, ahem, "prepared earlier. A positively dire lyrical rewrite, completely losing the song's edge for me - although dont ask me to explain why I feel so. Clearly Universal Records thought the tune was catchy enough to put a toe in the water of the English language market and unless I missed that meeting, I dont remember hearing that it was a hit either in the UK or Stateside. Damned if you do (rewriting into English is so often a recipe for dilution), damned if you dont ("What? A record in what language?? Dont be soft!) - what's the solution? A great song is a great song - isn't it?


Blimpy said...

holy eurotrash batman!

is it eurovision time again already?!

have you ever heard The Faders?

sourpus said...

Not til you mentioned them Blimpy. But thanks for the knowledge!