Thursday, August 7, 2008

Old Song, New Song

In a groundbreaking new feature, I'd like to present "Old Song, New Song"; in which I post up an old song and a new song for your listening pleasure.

Phew, it took me ages to dream this one up!

Old Song: "Nothing But Flowers" by Talking Heads, because I heard it on the opening credits of Clerks 2 the other day, and because it's good. 

New Song: "Rocks And Daggers" by Noah And The Whale, because their debut album is nearly out, and it seems like I've been banging on about them all year, and because it's good.

Nothing But Flowers by Talking Heads
Rocks And Daggers by Noah And The Whale


Shoegazer said...

Like the old song (about the future) & the new song (about some old rocks). Marketing genius.

Shoegazer said...

Think that must be one of the older versions of iPhone