Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Antidote For A Soggy Wednesday

Soggy Wednesday! Never fear, oh my damp UK based 'Spillers! I have formulated the perfect trio of chipper tunes full of cheery goodness that will dispel the prospect of the wettest August for 100 years!!

First up, some rollicking jazz to get you bopping!  The fab Five Corners Quintet play "Hot Rod", dig it? Don't dig it? Get back in the fridge, Dad!!

Dondarily, "Here Come The Popes Part Three" by Sergeant Buzfuz, the most interesting lyrics I've heard in well over a week, and more trumpets and added cheering too!! Get down! Get back up again! YEAH! Um....

Thridly but not lastly, from 'Spill admirer Radioclit, a hipstertastic "Get It Up" which features (deep breath) Esau Mwamwaya, Santogold, and MIA no less! Woh! Yer! Blerk! Etc! 

***EDIT*** I have deemed Radioclit not sunny enough for this post, so they have been replaced by Apples In Stereo's insanely perkfest "Go" GO! GO BABY!!! 

And remember my dear friends, it may be sunny tomorrow - you never know!! 

Hot Rod by The Five Corners Quartet
Here Come The Popes Part 3 by Sergeant Buzfuz
Go by Apples In Stereo

Here! If you like what your hear here, please buy their records!!


Shoey said...

Soggy? Tropical storm Fran is parked over us, trying to work out if she wants to be a hurricane when she grows up. At least the rain is warmer here.

Blimpy said...

Have the songs helped? I have now edited the post for added perkiness!! Hit refresh!!!

Shoey said...

Am posting on the shoePhone right now, but look foward to listening to anything sunny later.

nilpferd said...

Dug it.
Here's another Hot Rod..
After the cool bass intro, the Sergeant seems to flag a bit.. and the Apples are a bit glam for my tastes.. still, it didn't rain today where I am!!!
All good!

Blimpy said...

Thanks for the link, nilp, good stuff!!

shoey said...

That Hot Rod track was awesome - although if there are 5 of them, shouldn't they be a quintet?

Blimpy said...

Their drummer is known for being somewhat lazy, hence sometimes they're a quintet and sometimes a quartet depending on if he's hauled his bahook outta his scratcher that day