Saturday, August 16, 2008

fussing & fighting

You Made Me Forget My Dreams--B&S
Love Sick--Gang Starr
John Lee Hooker--Hard Headed Woman
O Valencia--Decemberists
You Rascal You--Louis Armstrong
B&S--Me & the Major
White Stripes--Hand Springs
Neighborhood 2 (Laika)--Arcade Fire
Jesus on the Radio Daddy on the Phone--Tom T. Hall


saneshane said...

got to me and the major.. then safari says you ran out of bandwidth
enjoyed those 6 and know the next two..
now to hear Tom T.Hall.

for some reason I can't listen on firefox today or play youtube clips... umm.

glad you and Isaac liked the Delgados video

Blimpy said...

bonza playlist steen!

TracyK said...

Absolutely cracking. Obviously anything with an heavy dosage of twee indie a la B&S or the Decemberists has me as happy as Blimpy's piggywig up there.

Is it a Tamworth, cos that'd be a scary coincidence.