Friday, August 29, 2008

And a pox on you, you tennis-loving ####er !


Here is Phil Campbell's Hope, Faith And You.
You see? The Bachelor Boy got me so cross I got the name of an all-time fave song WRONG over on the Mothership! Gahh. Anyway ...

Phil Campbell / White Buffalo - Hope, Faith And You


DarceysDad said...

30 sec samples of the whole album here:

Only one copy on Amazon - fifty quid!

And just so no-one is in any doubt, no Snadfrod, I'm not at all cross with you ... delighted in fact.

G'night all.

snadfrod said...

Oh. My. Word. I haven't heard that in so so long and I now am just one, huge goosebump. Thankyou DsD, I know I beat you to the nom, and I know it has caused you a lot of pain (which I'm with you on, by the way...), but I owe you one.

And I know you weren't cross, it was just the apple demon talking, yeah? Cheers.

ToffeeBoy said...

Cliff Bloody Richard has a lot to answer for - apart from his personal original monstrosities he's ruined some of my favourites songs - most notably 'Daddy's Home'. The original by Shep & The Limelights is sublime. And (shame on me I know) I didn't realise until a few days ago that 'From A Distance' was done by The Byrds - a song ruined for me before I'd even heard it.

TracyK said...

Wow, never heard that before DD, liking it a LOT. I like the yearning quality in his voice, very nice indeed.

saneshane said...

Q Hello! the best new music of 97
quite a cover mount that one, far more variation than you get now... that cult thread is getting expensive..
will be interested in your Campag Velocet opinion.. had to dig out my 'It's beyond our control' for another listen.

White Buffalo I had never picked up on before.. it's slowly creeping under my skin.. it is one of the great RR/spill re-assess songs you have and make you listen again.. with open ears.
Thanks again.

DarceysDad said...

Thanks Shane. Re Cult albums thread: I'm listening to my newly arrived I Love You CD as I type. Judgement reserved at the moment, but so far little to get me as enthused as Imlessbiasedthanyou was.

Tracy: the track immediately before H,F&Y on Fresh New Life is Evangeline (or Evangaline as it's spelt on the previous year's mini promo album!) Was on one of my early RR Social CDs.

TracyK said...

Hmm, I shall go and dig around, the other half ignored my wishes and bought me an MP3 player the size of a pebble, though I have had to replace the tiny ouchy in-ear headphones with proper cans, which is just ridiculous...I think I should go load it up with RR cds!