Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Drive-By Truckers

The full DBT concert @ the Paradiso, Amsterdam, enjoy!


DarceysDad said...

Fantastic, Ton.

I know what I'm doing after the footy tonight!

ToffeeBoy said...

@ dsd - I would have thought that depends very much on the result doesn't it?

Blimpy said...

gooooood girl (whose comment i deleted) is a spammer working for william hill, rather than a DBT fan. Shame on you, gambling industry.

Now, I believe there's one member of the 'Spill Team who has mildy expressed an interest in DBT at some point in the past....hmmmmmm.....who was that? ?

DarceysDad said...

ToffeeBoy was spot on of course. Game finished so late I didn't have time last night, and by the time the girls are in bed tonight I'll have to prepare my Songs About Freedom list, (headed by Roger Daltrey from Tommy, natch)

@ Blimpy and in plummy voice:
"Do they mean me? They surely do!"

Proudfoot said...

Hah! DsD you gotta choose. DBTs or Liverpool FC? If your team can't finish off their foes in the advertised time then you've got to make sacrifices. Not worth it mate, after watching '3 Dimes Down' @Paradiso clip. Really, ropey, whiny, shitkicking stuff. I like.

DarceysDad said...

Bit late for last week's RR of course, but this is a pretty good version of That Man I Shot.

I've got unrealistically high hopes that it's going to make the Final Ten, so any distant sobbing you hear shortly after midnight tonight will either be me at it's exclusion, or Gordon/Snadfrod watching a re-run of Manchester City's game !!