Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'll get me coat - FP's farewell playlist

Good topic this week as it has thrown up some true classics as well as great discoveries. Weird to hear Dorian on the podcast though. In my cyber imagination he has an Irish accent! I'm assuming that's the origin of the name. Some of the farewells have been definitive (Jeff Buckley's was very tragically but in a way that no one could have suspected at the time) and others are simply painful partings with the hope of return (Divine Comedy's 'Leaving Today'). Just a bit of housekeeping - I would have included Goodbye Lucille #1 and Say Hello Wave Goodbye in the list as I love them both. But they're in other people's lists so I bow my head respectfully in dond. Paradoxically I couldn't bear to leave dEUS out even though TonNL has kindely posted the Youtubes below. Let's hope that the double effort will work its magic.

Next week I'm off to a big trade fair and I know that I'm going to see two or three people whom I haven't seen for over ten years. Looking forward to that immensely.

So what we really want to know is: I was going to ask you what your most painful goodbye had been but thought that might get us all into really painful territory. So instead I'd like to know about catching up with people from your past unexpectedly. You'd said goodbye to them (sometimes thankfully) and then....they turn up again!

Just a wee word of advice about the deezer players on this blog if anyone is having problems - to set the music going you have to click twice on the wee triangle play sign. If, heaven forbid, you hit a song you don't like then you can fast forward it with the, er, fast forward arrow. Good, eh?

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ToffeeBoy said...

@ fp - yes, sorry about stealing Goodbye Lucille from you - perhaps we should establish a protocol amongst the deezer/podbean community on the 'Spill that the first person to recommend a particular song on the RR list should have 'first dibs' on it.

Do you know the 'SproutNet' website:

It's a lively and very active group (I post on there occassionlly as 'TalkingScarlet'). There's an interesting news item on it about a campaign to have Paddy awarded Honorary Freedom of the City of Durham which includes a link to a recent item in the Durham Times.

Great selection by the way - love the Divine Comedy track (which I knew already) - somehow The Sunday's Goodbye has previoulsy escaped my attention? Which album is it from?

ToffeeBoy said...

I realise now that The Sundays track here isn't Goodbye but Here's Where The Story Ends which I know (and love) well. Other people have recommended Goodbye which I don't know.

I think that the whole meeting people from the past thing has been muddied by social networking sites and websites like Friends Reunited. I've never been very good at keeping in touch with old friends - innate laziness, I guess - fortunately toffeegirl has greater social skills. We recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and it was lovely to see some people that we hadn't seen for years. We all swore that we'd keep in touch this time but of course we haven't...

scarymonster said...

Will give this a proper listen later in the week, but liking the sound of dEUS, Archive and Michel Polnareff - but I'm afraid the Divine Comedy are on my 'list of the loathed'.


FP said...

@ Toffee: I'll definately check out that Sprout site. I think that both Paddy and Trevor Horn should be made freemen of the city. Ceremony in Durham Cathedral. With Paddy playing an accoustic Goodbye Lucille and Trevor doing Video killed the Radio Star. How good would that be?? I'd definately come back for that!
@ Scary: Glad you like the Polnareff. My other half is a total Polnareff fan so it was a little bit for him that I included it. But the guy has a great voice and a great nose too. That's the second Archive track I've put in a playlist - the other was in 'buildings' so I'm starting to realise I like them. A lot.

bethnoir said...

I want to know why it is that I only accidentally meet up with people I haven't seen for ages when I've forgotten to put on mascara and the children have deposited fromage frais to my top? I look quite presentable some of the time, but I am fated to meet an ex boyfriend when I didn't quite remember to brush my hair. I used to hide behind walls, but I'm brave now! Is it just me?

I was recently very happy to catch up with a good friend from my sixth form in Cornwall whilst watching some Morris Dancers perform in the centre of Bristol. I did wish I'd applied eyeliner, but it was lovely to see him.
Love the Depeche Mode and Jeff Buckley on your list.

goneforeign said...

This one doesn't concern me directly but I think it's quite amazing. My stepmother had a childhood friend, they were together from elementary school in the 20's until adolescence at the outbreak of WW2 when they were separated, 'til then they were inseparable and did everything together.
Sixty odd years later when she was in her 90's my stepmother edited a pensioner's paper and through that casually met a bloke who she one day told a story about some incident when she was a teenager, she mentioned her friend by name. "I don't believe it, I know her" he said and went on to tell her how he knew her and that she was still alive and was in Brighton, he even had her phone number. So of course they re-connected and had a lot to talk about for the missing 60 years! And are still doing it as they both approach 100.

DarceysDad said...

Hmmm, bumping into my ex-fiancee at Center Parcs last year wasn't exactly DarceysMam's favourite part of the holiday. Difficult to pretend to look good though when you're being jumped on by your kids in the wave pool, particularly wearing the swimming trunks you'd decided to make last just one more time before they went in the bin !!

I've been too busy to listen to the podcast, but I figure I'll hear enough of Dorian's voice next week ... probably telling me how grateful he is that he'll never have to listen to Drive-By Truckers again.

You not coming then, fp?

FP said...

Thanks for sharing those with us. I'm with Beth in that I've bumped into ex school people (though not friends I hasten to add) down the street where my parents live and was looking like five kinds of sh_te. Grrrrrrrr! I just popped out for a pint of milk!
GF that's an amazing story and would actually make a very good documentary if we could get the pair of them to talk and give access to family archives.
Darce - from a gurl's point of view - you probably, without knowing it, were giving off heaps of "happy, fulfilled father" vibes. Wouldn't worry about the swimming trunks. Can't make it chaps. This week is a big week for me - big trade fair,conference etc. But I will send froggyP thoughtwaves over.
My own "catching up" story - apart from seeing some truly delightfil people a the trade fair next week, was getting back in touch with the girl who used to be my tennis doubles partner at skool. Now we weren't actually all that bad. We were runners up in the skool doubles tournament and had a great match in the semis, unexpectedly thrashing (wot?) a rather smug pair of cooler-than-thou fifth formers. I wrote to her at length about this match and she confessed that she'd sustained head injuries in a car accident and suffered from total blanks concerning her adolescence. That episode was completely wiped from her memory, so to speak and so she was glad to get some pieces of it back.

FP said...

And Toffee I watched the Martin McAloon vid. WENDY IS WORKING AT THE SAGE IN GATESHEAD!!!! Wow. I'll have to go next time I'm oop North.

FP said...

Scary just out of interest - how can one loath the Divine Comedy? I'm just curious to know what sparks off the aversion which some people clearly feel. Is it his voice?

ToffeeBoy said...

fp - I wanted to ask Scary exactly the same question. I can understand someone not particularly liking The Divine Comedy but loathing seems a bit strong. I usually reserve that for acts like Boney M, Baccara, Dollar and Bob Dylan. OK the last one's purely personal...

Anonymous said...

@ fp / tb - If scary's anything like me, the Divine Comedy teeth-grinding comes down to seeing Mr.Hannon not as an erudite and witty composer of swoonsome pop, but as a marmite-voiced, smug smartarse with an unhealthy fixation on production values. Sorry, maybe that's the Lemmy fan in me!

But I do realise that I am - as the American therapy generation would say - "conflicted" on the subject. For instance, I think Colin Vearncombe (aka Black) sounds much better when he is allowed to splurge the budget on an OTT string section; kinda goes against the grain, given what I just accused NH of!

What can I say? Stuart A. Staples mostly winds me up, but I could listen to Mark Kozelek all day.

Maybe that's why old friends so rarely get in touch !! Now if someone could just help me with the straps on this rear-fastening jacket . . .


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I meant to say: never heard of Archive, but I LOVE that. Any tips anyone?


FP said...

Darce - I kind of thought that may be the reason and I can actually sympathise. But I love them and will forever. Re: Archive - Glad you like that song. It's great! Deezer them - it seems as though all their stuff is available to enjoy. Off darn sarf tomorrow to escape the snow. Brrrrrrr!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheers, fp. Will investigate Archive later when I haven't got Darcey demanding "Can I watch Mr. Tumble on the laptop?"

And I'm doubly jealous of your heading to the sun; have heard over the weekend that my ex-brother-in-law's house in Grasse will have to be sold!



FP said...

No sun I'm afraid - grey and rainy down here. But we've work to do anyway!!