Friday, April 4, 2008

See you in your next life, when we'll fly away for good

I was beaten to this over on RR, but can't really think of a better song.
(PS - this is post 400 401! Wowsers!)


scarymonster said...

Uberdonds, Blimp. I remember them opening their M/c Academy gig with this, which was rather a breathtaking way to begin proceedings.

Was it really 15 years ago?


Blimpy said...

Had heroin not robbed Anderson of his creativity I can't help but think he'd be occupying an almost Bowiesque position now.

Damn shame.

scarymonster said...

Yes, I too had high hopes but after the towering achievement that was DMS, it was downhill in the main, although She's In Fashion and a few Tears tracks suggest what might have been.


barbryn said...

As a teenager, I thought this was a wonderfully romantic song. It was only when I moved to the Sussex coast a few years ago that I realised there might be a touch of irony about it. Brett's home, Haywards Heath, is about 20 miles from "far away" Worthing - and it's not very exciting when you get there...

Love "Dog Man Star" and most of the first album. Shame it all went wrong.