Sunday, April 6, 2008

What do people think of these?

So, here are a couple of videos from two girl bands (OK, so one has a couple of boys in it too).

I suppose I might be considered a bit older than their target audience, but what the hell, I like them.

First off we have The Long Blondes, featuring the simply delicious Kate Jackson.

is a link to the Long Blondes website

The second band are called Ipso Facto, they play wonderful gothic psychedelic pop. I saw them recently when they supported Siouxsie at the Anson Rooms in Bristol.

I love their sound and I adore the way they look, such a fabulous image.

is a link to Ipso Facto's MySpace page

I'd love to know what others here think of them.


Blimpy said...

i do like the longs blondes, although a whole album of Kate jackson's voice is a bit much to take.

i have a couple of their early 7"s, and did see them once (she's sassy onstage, and no mistake)

hopefuly their new record will have a bit more light and shade, and a couple of the killer pop songs they've been threatening to write for a while.

ipso facto - amazing bobs (yes, i did say bobs, it wasn't a typo), promising sound - it needs to be a bit more unhinged to really grab my interest.

nilpferd said...

For my (very narrow) pop tastes the Long blondes don't do too much- Ipso Facto hints at something, a bit low key perhaps.
one classic (all-woman) band from the land of the long white cloud-
Look Blue, go purple
Another was Cassandra's ears, singer songwriter Jan Hellriegel started a solo career afterwards-

ejaydee said...

Absolutely loved Giddy Stratospheres, but apparently not enough to get me looking for more.