Monday, June 29, 2009


I thought that this week, given the RR topic, we'd be inundated with pet pics, Shane had a go as did Carole and Shoey, but it never took off the way cats did, have we exhausted the subject? So to get my best mates their international internet 15 mins of fame here they are, Seamus, Jasmine, Marley, Biko, Chips and the brown cat.

Seamus is the world's best dog, no argument, he's a German Shepherd, about 12+ years old, we've had him since a pup, he's amazingly intelligent and does everything except speak English. That nose is like radar, ditto those ears; I used to pull a weed and toss it out into the field, 40-50ft and he'd chase after it with his nose glued to the ground going round and round in ever decreasing circles until he found it, then he'd bring it back to me. All that based on the fact that I'd touched it for about a second! During all that recent Pink Floyd listening I didn't pick up on the 'Seamus' cut on the Meddle album until it was mentioned at RR, my Seamus does a way better wolf howl than the PF dog, everytime an ambulance goes by it triggers him and Marley together.

Jasmine was the runt of the litter so we got her free, she's his best friend and has an absolutely wonderful personality, she doesn't just wag her tail ecstatically to greet you, she wags the entire read end. She goes insane. The frog was also her best fiend for a while, totally inseparable.

Marley you met about 10 months ago, now he's working at becoming a handsome young man, we bought him so there would be a continuity when Seamus died, he's not as smart but he's going to be OK.

Biko; he adopted us in Long Beach in about 1988, he was an alley cat, thin as a rail and used to eating out of trashcans, when he found us he thought he'd died and gone to cat heaven; a warm bed and regular meals. We used to travel a lot in an RV, he came everywhere with us, he'd prowl backwards and forwards across the 6ft wide dashboard absolutely intrigued with that huge world out there. He died of old age some years ago but is very fondly remembered.

Chips, AKA Sascha depending on who's talking to him thinks he's a dog, he follows me everywhere, if I go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea he'll follow me and sit at my feet 'til I'm done, then he'll follow me back; he spends a lot of time sitting on my lap having his ears rubbed when I'm at the computer.

BrownCat is very afraid of something, probably from a prior lifetime, he sleeps upstairs all the time only showing his face at meal times, I'm trying to get him to let me get close to him, sometimes he lets me touch him.

OK, so there they are, I think if you click on 'em they'll get bigger, does anybody else have pets to share?

Count this as a bonus ps; I recently came across this pic in my photo file. I've long been an admirer of Morton Subotnik, one of the early electronic musicians, in the late 80's I saw this picture of him in the LA Times, I couldn't believe it, he looked exactly like me, so I had a friend take this pic of me in the same pose, I always wanted to send it to him but never did.


DarceysDad said...

"I think if you click on 'em they'll get bigger"

Blimey! We have to give ours real food. (Sorry, gf, too easy a target to resist.)

does anybody else have pets to share?

Not any more, because I don't count Lauren or Chips (the goldfish).


steenbeck said...

Beautiful pictures, GF. I posted some super 8 footage of my dog, Steenbeck, on my post a bit down the page. It's a few years ago, and a few years make a big difference in a dog's life. She used to be a bundle of energy, but today she lay in bed all day until her faultless internal clock told her it was dinner time.

goneforeign said...

Steen; I have that problem with Seamus except he's not really that interested in dinner.

AliMunday said...

Super photos, GF. I've already 'posted' Sparky (aka Fat Cat)in the 'cats' session.

Talking of doppelgangers, I saw Dave Crosby on TV the other night, he too has white hair and a beard and he looked just like my friend John, who is a blues freak and would love to think he looked like DC. Similarly my brothers look like twins now, they have white hair and beards too. I've threatened to grow a beard as as well, so we'll look like triplets in a few years time!

Japanther said...

Great pictures GF!

Most Tokyo landlords don't allow pets (or foreigners, or unmarried couples, or..etc...) so I'm always a wee a bit envious when I see the pet photos.

And that bloke really does look like you! which is funny because I had a similar experience, I was leafing through a magazine this morning and I saw this photo of Brad Pitt......!!

TracyK said...

I love pet pics as much as I love pics of cute kids and nice gardens. Quite a family of beasts there, GF, we had a Shepherd growing up, gorgeous and, as you say bright. My brother shipped his Shepherd over to NZ when they emigrated, that dog adores running along the windswept beaches out there, and the cat, Purdy, often licks her clean when she comes home.

FP said...

Lovely pictures GF and special hugs to Jasmine cos she's beautiful.

CaroleBristol said...

Nice animals, really lovely.

Catcher said...

That's a strange coincidence. When I was going through a precociously politicised stage as a child, I named a puppy Biko. However, I wouldn't explain the name to anyone who said it was strange, which kind of defeated the purpose. Tsk, kids.