Friday, June 12, 2009

Let's Tango

Ca Plane Pour Moi
J'aime Vous Voir Quitter
Fa - Ce La
Ici Les Enfants
What Used To Be French
Coup De Grace
The Sonology Of Sex II (Le Comtesse De Sang)
Face A La Mer
Ciel Ouvert
Avant L'Aube


Anonymous said...

Nice playlist Shoey, but I have to say, for the second week running I am not playing RR.

The topic is just too wide, to open to too many interpretations.

OK, yes, we can have songs with a bit of French or we can have songs with nothing but French.

Don't get me wrong, I love France and I love the language and there is a fantastic amount of great French music but really!

We might as well have songs in English as a subject, or songs involving music.

The subject ought to be a bit more focussed. I am not impressed with the way RR is going at the moment, it is much more fun here on t'Spill.

BTW this is CaroleBristol posting from work, I am not really anon. although I do like a lot of their poetry.

Chris said...

I absolutely agree, Carole, and felt the need to say so on the main blog, with an accusation of racism. So, losing friends everywhere....

Shoey said...

Understand where your both coming from, but have no problem with the theme. Personally, have very little in the way of French stuff; so am looking forward to the suggestions.

Am liking our new guru - he even took the time to correctly refer to us as the 'Spill rather than "Overspill Blog". Little things, but they count for a lot.

DarceysDad said...

I have no desire to fall out with you, Chris & Carole, but I'll offer a hearty "hear, hear" to what Shoey said about PaulMac.

I like his writing style, but I appreciate that's very subjective; he's obviously checking in with Dorian in an attempt to keep RR true to its remit; he's much more personal & personable with us than RobF was.

I suspect that the choice of topics which have encouraged utter deluges of possible songs is because of an initial insecurity at taking on this job. Better that way round until he settles in than being short of songs and writing rubbish final columns for the paper.

And if PaulMac is to be believed in this week's header, the topic choice is his alone and - crucially therefore - his column to write. Once Dorian got into the groove, he often had the gist of the column he wanted to end up writing part-formed in his head from the start, and made whatever songs were nominated fit that. Maddy, bless her, must have suffered from deadline hell because she let our nominations lead her completely at times. With Rob, I never knew what he actually wanted: topical topics were either a fortnight too early or a week too late, and random topics were too often rehashes of old ones or too similar to other recent ones.

I'm actually really re-enthused over RR in the last couple of weeks, but now I hope that what I am liking isn't exactly what you're not, if you see what I mean!

If it is, then we may see some serious changes in personnel contributing, like we did around the tech updates [*spit!*]. I'm sure no GU journo, least of all Paul, wants to be known as the one who killed the RR golden goose.

Sorry for ranting. Must go, Darcey had her multi-jabs yesterday, and is now running a temperature and calling for me ...

ejaydee said...

Donds to that! That's exactly how I see it, especially the difference between Dorian, Maddy and Rob (actually it would be good to meet him to get a better an idea).

Chris said...

I agree with you about Paul's attitude to the job. I can see he's making an effort. Rob's distance from the blog made it difficult to have any relationship, which was such a shock after dear Maddy. (I never really got close to Dorian but I saw him get involved.)
It's really the scope of the topic that I have a problem with. After 24 hours, there are 600 posts! The minor quibbles about what is eligible are taking place and there is some justifying going on, on various grounds, but there's a hell of a lot of 'songs with a french word in'. We're not too far off the topic of 'Songs'.
I won't push the racist argument because I can see that people are getting to hear music that they wouldn't do normally, but there some cultural tourism going on, at the least.

If Paul can come up with something a little smaller next week, I will be overjoyed, as I'm sure he'll make a positive effort. But I'm in a small minority about all this, so 'so it goes'.

nilpferd said...

The Murcof/Truffaz is awesome, consider it donded in absentia. Had I been around much this weekend I'd no doubt have added a few other Truffaz tracks.

Shoey said...

Thanks, Nilp. Not sure an instrumental track from an album called Mexico has much hope getting in the 10 from a gazillion other picks, but thanks for support. Don't know Truffaz, other than this collaboration - any good place to start?

nilpferd said...

Truffaz has a very varied body of work, I'd suggest you dip into the following albums, all are available on Spotify:
Revisite, an electronica remix project of his early work, probably closest to the Murcof, although more conventional in the "90's jazz remix" sense.
Walk of the giant turtle showcases his Rhodes-based electric band and blends hard edged rock/fusion with lyrical ballads.
Mantis is my personal favourite of his, probably the most "jazzlike" of his recent albums, although even here there are some surprising innovations.

DarceysDad said...

@ Chris - nice reply; thanks (sorry I'm a bit slow seeing it).

@ nilpferd - Truffaz et al's Walk Of The Giant Turtle ... WOW! Currently got King B on repeat, excellent stuff, and boy am I in a strange part of town over here in JazzTrumpetville!! Passed by a couple of times down Miles Davis Highway, but I could happily lose myself ambling round this place.

nilpferd said...

That's cool, DD. This band blows me away live, they really rock.. probably my live highlight of the last couple of years, actually, not that I get out much..

Shoey said...

Thanks Nilp, can't Spotify, but will investigate.