Monday, June 8, 2009

My home town

Shoey guessed (correctly) that Comfort, Texas is not my home town. (But I've been there.)

If a home town is the one you were born in, then that's Watford. But I don't really count that (sorry, ToffeeBoy) as my parents weren't living there at the time - it was just where the nursing home was. And that's now been pulled down, thus losing Watford the chance of getting the blue plaque when I eventually become famous.

If a home town is the one where you live now, then that's Kirkcudbright, which the picture is of. But as soon as I can I'll be moving back to Milton Keynes, where my grandsons are - another kind of home town!


tincanman said...

so postcard like!

Shoey said...

Not such a vista in MK, unfortunately.

treefrogdemon said...

You'd be surprised - MK has a river (the Great Ouse), the Grand Union Canal, and several large lakes which are balancing lakes - because MK's pretty flat and has clay soil, when it rains a lot the extra water runs into the lakes and doesn't flood the town. Except for Stony Stratford, where I used to live, which does flood but to be fair that was there long before MK was.