Monday, June 15, 2009


I just tried to send an email to magicman and it got bumped so I'll post it here for him plus anyone else who might find it interesting. I was prompted by the huge interest in African music this week and his interest in Congolese music. Here 'tis:

Magic: Since the blog's closed I'll comment to you this way. There's a magazine I've been involved with since it's inception, it's The Beat, it started as the Reggae Beat, evolved into the Reggae and African Beat and is now just The Beat. They cover almost exclusively reggae, African, Caribbean and World music. They're online at They're published 5 times a year with regular contributors, The main reason I mention all of this is because of Martin Sinnock, he writes exclusively about Congolese music and has an encyclopedic knowledge going back to the origins, he introduced me many years ago and he's always the first article I read - always 2-3 pages. Plus there's another regular African column by Barry Eisenberg. Sinnock's at www. and
Eisenberg's at:
As you might imagine with a magazine of this type most of the contributors are serious about African music, worth also checking are Bob Tarte and Dave Hucker at
If you find this worthwhile and know other African fans, pass it on. Hope you enjoy, GF.

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CC Smith said...

Thanks for the kind words, Tony. Nice to find you on line. Martin Sinnock has posted many of his columns at as well. The Beat's covered African music for over 25 years, and we're always happy to help people learn more about it.