Sunday, June 7, 2009

If it was all completely level, I wouldn't have been able to take this picture of Glastonbury Tor from the top of a hill, would I?

Well, it scarcely rained at all - a few light showers, interspersed with a fair amount of sunshine - until fifteen minutes after we'd finished, when the heavens opened. I could say that the weather smiles on the virtuous, except that would be making a completely unfounded judgement about the people who just cycled more slowly. Despite a nasty head wind over the last ten miles, I improved significantly on last year's time for the fifty miles, and Mrs Abahachi is feeling smug because, although she was doing the 27-mile circuit and I still beat her, she cycled the friend she was with into the ground without any difficulty. Very many thanks to everyone who sponsored me; if you haven't, there's still a chance to do so at


ToffeeBoy said...

Congratulations Abahachi. But I would still have been even more impressed if you'd taken a picture of the 'hill' from the top of Glastonbury Tor!

And as for Mrs A:

"she cycled the friend she was with into the ground without any difficulty"

... it's nice to know that the spirit of charity and togetherness is alive and well in your part of Somerset!

Finally, regarding the lycra shorts, you know there are ladies present on this blog, don't you?

Abahachi said...

They're not shorts - it was bloody chilly this morning. Does that help? At least I wasn't in shocking T-Mobile pink today.

debbym said...

Well done, Herr Hachi (and may I congratulate you on abandoning that excrutiatingly PINK Tshirt)!

Abahachi said...

Yes, but the T-Mobile team always had the best drugs... However, this one is special; a birthday present from friends in Germany, the official outfit of RadSportVerein Grafenau - which I can't wear out there because I'd feel a fraud.