Friday, June 19, 2009

Dole Drums

Unemployed In Summertime
A Year With No Head
Work Hard, For What?
The Unemployable Rub Oil On Her Coffin
Don't Give Up
Tell Me About Poverty
Job Search
Ghost Town
Assembly Lines
No Bottom
Hard Times


Japanther said...

how do you get it up so quick?!

..oo-er, fnar fnar etc..

Shoey said...

How long it stays up is probably more important.

DarceysDad said...

ooh, Blood Meridian! I thought about that last night, but decided, as with McDonald's Blues on the same album, that it was more in work than out. Good song though. The same logic is actually preventing me from nominating DBT's Buttholeville for the third week in the last four.

Blimpy said...

i like that emillinnie tortallinini, not heard her before, reminds me of something, cant place....sneaker pimps?

what's her other stuff like?

Shoey said...

Darce, that's why it goes on the tangenital 'Spill list. Did nom the Mothmen as it has a teabreak in the middle - but probably not non-working enough to count.

Blimps, her last Album was great - Shane is a big fan. She's really cute too, which doesn't hurt.

DarceysDad said...


I'll email you Emiliana Torrini's Gun later - extraordinary!

Japanther said...

I really liked the Emiliana Torrini track too. Along with Willie Nelson and Wintersleep.
Yet another stormin' palylist!

saneshane said...

so Blimp.. you didn't listen to my three nominations on 'spill best 2008 then?
Emilíana Torrini Davíðsdóttir's 'GUN' being one of them.

she did a track with sneaker pimps I think...

but I first heard GUS GUS tracks 'Why' and 'Is jesus your pal' (I always thought that should have been a Scottish singer not Icelandic)
she co wrote Kylie's 'slow' (chemical bros remix is the one there, I think)
Some Bollox film soundtrack (Gollum's theme) but more importantly '101 Reykjavík' Theme (only music , no singing.. I just liked the film.)
she can be really mainstream (to my taste..sorry) and then excellent and imaginative... that's when I love her.

Her albums are all over the shop.. so couldn't recommend anything, Me and Armini and Love in the time of Science are the ones I like.. I did see a remix/ rare stuff album on U.S amazon (i think) once that would of been keen to get.. but got distracted.. including Thievery Corporation stuff possibly...
'Unemployed in the summertime' means a lot to me... and was the first track I thought of picking up the paper on the boat yesterday..

(there is a joke about #2 in Icelandic birds I'd like to eat.. but I won't go into that.. Feminists would start Huffing and vegetarians would(n't) start Puffin....)

nilpferd said...

Hey Shane- good to see your name.. I thought Roots Manuva might have something for this week, couldn't find anything though.. any ideas?

Shoey- it occured to me re Erik Truffaz that you could visit his website, there are quite a lot of clips on here..

nilpferd said...

In fact, I see the Mexico project with Truffaz/Murcof is playing in Glastonbury, Reading and London at the end of June.

saneshane said...

hey nilpferd,
can't think yet.. just digesting the 900 odd 'spill comments. that I'm wading through..

unfortunatley Wham 'Young Guns' was my second thought and Beck 'Beercan' a better 3rd.
(3D's have obviously had an effect because I wondered if 'cash none' would fit... but getting back to my own music.. YES YES YES.. no time to cross reference yet)

Shoey said...

Shane - welcome back

Nilp - thanks for the linky. The Glasto lineup this year almost makes me want to de-emigrate.

steenbeck said...

Love your picture, Shoegazer. Haven't had time to listen yet.

Saneshane, where have you been? These saneshanes lead such lives.

nilpferd said...

Liked the factory/teapoint track, who was that?

DarceysDad said...

Hey Shane, welcome home. And credit where it's due, I now have two Emiliana Torrini albums precisely because of your Best Of '08 listing of Gun. I was wondering how I'd come across it, but your line above makes it clear. I put all eighty-odd of those songs onto my Walkman without having heard most of them first (and I just DON'T do that normally with my 8gig-er; the space is just too precious), and when Gun popped on it literally stopped me in my tracks.

Shoey said...

Nilpferd, that was the Mothmen:

Yay, I can copy & paste on the Shoephone now. Someone give Steve Jobs a kiss.