Saturday, June 6, 2009

you're not from 'round here.

"we're very friendly..
we married the one horse...."

"if you cause any trouble.... our heads explode and...


"enjoy our tunes..... or else"

DJ Format/ Man Like Me/ Willy Mason
Last Bongo in Brighton (Remix)
London Town (Rudimental Remix)
Our Town
Luna/ Jarvis/ Deadly Avenger
From Auschwitz To Ipswich
We Took Pelham
Son Of Dave/ Babyshambles/ Luke Haines & The Auteurs
Nike Town
Bugger Bognor (Alternative Mix)
John Vanderslice/ Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern/ The Mountain Goats
Plymouth Rock
Pram Town
Going to Bridlington


nilpferd said...

Groovy Brighton bongos there, Shane.. liked Nike Town, too..

ejaydee said...

Should the Bongo only be 3 seconds long?

nilpferd said...

The Bongos I'm listening to are 4:19 long..

saneshane said...

no EJD it lasts the full 4:19 on here - they cut 'all beat boys and all beat girls' abruptly 3 seconds - but the track plays ok from there.

Glad you liked nilpf...

ejaydee said...

Weird, it's still doing it, and I can't even find it in the dropbox.
Anyway, I'm liking Niketown.

saneshane said...

(and anyone who wants to listen)

just put a file in dropbox with a few DJ Format tracks and a couple of other things I've mentioned lately.
Hope that works for you.

ejaydee said...

Thanks, I was spying on the dropbox, wondering what these files were. DO you have Speech Debelle's album? How is it?

saneshane said...

re: speech debelle
I've had - let me check- 6 tracks from different places and all those are cracking. So I think I'll pick up the album at some point, just to see how it all fits together.

Shoey said...

Yay, DJ Format & other fine choices as usual. TYVM for the Brakes BTW, enjoyed it a lot. Have you heard the new Vanderslice/Mountain Goats album? Mr. VDS is coming to town next week to promote his new solo album.

saneshane said...

nope.. not heard it.
the new Vanderslice is s'posed to be good, I'm told.
would like to hear both.. but strictly no purchasing 'til I'm back from holiday....
I went through ever 'Going To...' Mountain Goats song to work out what was a town city state etc. just been back over to RR an realized I should have just shouted them all!

ejaydee said...

I think Kotchy is going to be a success, DJ Format, cool as ever, Bongo In Brighton especially funky, haven't gotten to Speech Debelle yet.

steenbeck said...

wow. My brother put that Luna track on a mixed tape (cassette) for me a million years ago, and hearing it just transported me back.

Good list, so far. (as usual)