Friday, June 12, 2009


Take Me Coco
Maladie d'Amour

Etienne d'août is a song about lost and returning love. Pitié is one of my favourite love pleas, it sounds like he's absolutely whipped, but that's love, and those horns, those horns...
Ecoute-Moi Camarade could have been nominated for advice if I'd heard it then, he's telling his mate that she's leading him on, she only wants his money, but he also tells his friend what a dumbass he is; but then he realises he's the dumbass, there's no "camarade", he's just talking to himself.
Narguilé is about the pleasures of smoking shishah, or hookah, as it's also known.
Si tu Bois Beaucoup is about the effect alcohol has on one's ability to speak a language, and encourages it. There was this Australian learning portuguese in the same school as me, refused to say anything more than "bom dia", we went out one night, after a couple of drinks, he wouldn't stop talking to me in portuguese!


Blimpy said...

I like the last tune a lot.

Has anyone ever been to Beaumont Sur La Mer?

steenbeck said...

LOVING THIS!! And I'm late for work. damn. looking forward to the rest.