Sunday, June 21, 2009

Giro scope

as I'm late to sign on - "your giro will not be issued"
these have fleeting mentions of the dreaded unemployment or insinuations of joblessness.
Being into painting and design I'm always out of work -
or always working (but for no pay) depends how you want to look at it!
The World is gone
Red Letters
Summer Job

Ancient Mysteries

Unemployed In Summertime (Junior Sanchez Remix)
underwear goes inside the pants
Young Guns (Go For It!)
I haven't made it over to RR yet.. so it was a dropbox scan, for tunes.. dond to those that got in first.


Blimpy said...

just goes to show; beck has been far more cleverer than everyone else from day one.

Blimpy said...

bonza list, but i still don't get all the hype that's been flung at whatserface who lived in a hostel for a couple of days once, the chorus is a bit, um, lacking. shame cos the rest of it is getting there.

saneshane said...

Speech Debelle.. Blimpy
I find not reading about anyone is the best policy!
it has been weird the last couple of weeks.. not listening to music.. but reading about it- everyone sounds like tossers in writing - dread to think how this blog stuff comes across...
that track was from Ninja Tune/Big Dada sampler that came with Plan B magazine ages ago... it grew on me.
Then I was sent a few more tracks.. (I dropboxed some for EJD just before I went on holiday)
and I like them - but I like stuff to be a bit rough.. too polished too professional and becomes like a CAREER not creativity .. my fav is 'finish this album' at the moment.
But I just can't read too much about records or people (or films) because it does just put me off before I listen (or watch)

Blimpy said...

re Speech Debelle - a guardian journo dream, really.

DaddyPig said...

I'm not well-versed in or a natural for hip-hop, but "Underwear Goes Inside the Pants" is a thing of wonder & splendour. If it doesn't make this week's A-list, then it'll still be available for songs about:
- Health topics (the 'obesity epidemic')
- Rules and codes of conduct ('I'm sure it's not strictly enforced...'
- Charity & giving.

Japanther said...

ah....the welcome return of a saneshane playlist! really enjoyed this.
Brakes were cool as always, as were Art Brut and loved the Lazy-B track too. Very funny and spot on to boot.

Shoegazer said...

Lazyboy was great, rest was very fine too (except for Wham - still allergic after all these years).

saneshane said...

the rant on "Underwear..." is by an American comedian Greg Giraldo.. I don't know anything else about him.. but it is a great rant.

The only policy I know for a fact that McD's has is: no wearing of Fini Tribes 'Fuck McDonalds McDeath burger' T-Shirts on your first day.. (nice one C, still makes me laugh)

cheers for listening one and all.

saneshane said...

next time I'll disguise the Wham! and slip it in when your not looking.