Sunday, June 28, 2009


Old Blue
Alligator Eating Dog
Dog Treat
Pepe Hush
The Dog Song
Ding Dog
I Wanna Be Your Dog
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Dog On Wheels
I Love My Car
Animal in Man
Quiet Dog
I'll Be Around


nilpferd said...

Love the footage of Steenbeck, Steenbeck. I'm just guessing here, but I think I know how you edited it, too..
Liked Pepe hush, Quiet dog and I'll be around most here.

saneshane said...

hey steen.. how did the birthday go?
is it all ok now it's over.. it's my friends 40th today.

LOVED LOVE LOVE the steenbeck footage....

with nilpferd on pepe hush. but I'm sure it's DING DONG not DING DOG (is that a dog owners slip) still find it bizarre that it was Dorian writing about that song that got me to buy the album.

We once did a night in a corrugated shed with anyone able to play doing a version of I wanna be your dog in any style they chose.. storming night.

lovely list.

steenbeck said...

Hee hee, ding dog. I'm so tired.

Thanks for listening, guys. I felt strange about this playlist, because it repeats a bit, wanders off topic, and doesn't always reflect my actual taste in music. But there you go--that's pets for you, isn't it?

Saneshane your I wanna be a DOg tent sounds brilliant. You saneshanes lead such lives. I'll say it again cause it's just so true.

Bedtime for me.

AliMunday said...

Love this, Steenbeck. thank you.