Friday, June 12, 2009

Vive La France, et l'Alliance Ancienne!

I love France, and I've been there a few times - including once on one of those coach tours (because I was a bit scared to go abroad on my own). Everyone was loads older than me but it was lots of fun!

1 Ca Plane Pour Moi. Bet you didn't know Richard Thompson had recorded this. Well, he has.
2 Madame Soustaine - Richard and Linda Thompson. Et toi!
3 Encore du Vin, by the Cock and Bull Band. An instrumental, so (apart from the title) how do you know it's French? Why, because of the Frenchman playing the French bagpipes.
4 Milord, by Edith Piaf. I thought this was my favourite Piaf, until I was reminded of...
5 Les Trois Cloches, by Edith Piaf with Les Compagnons de la Chanson. When I was a kid my parents had an album of 78s which they played on the gramophone. This was my favourite.
6 Les Trois Beaux Oiseaux de Paradis, by Linda Thompson. To remind you that Linda can speak French too.
7 Le Galant Indiscret, by Malicorne. C'est Gabriel's missus Marie qui chant.
8 Baton Rouge/True Millennium Flood, by Kevin Russell. OK, should've put this in last week for Towns, but hey, Baton Rouge, that's French, right? Plus, I was at this exact concert. (But that's not me you can hear talking, cos I don't talk while the great Kev 'Shinyribs' Russell is singing.)
9 Complainte Pour Ste-Catherine, by Kate and Anna McGarrigle. Because we have Canadians among us.



goneforeign said...

TFG: I'm reading a book that I think you would love, it's White Bicycles' by Joe Boyd. I'm up to about page 100 and he's still taking about his love of taditional English and Scottish music in the mid '60's. He's mentioning every name I've heard you comment on.

treefrogdemon said...

Oh yes, gf, I've got that book - my son's reading it at the mo, because he likes the same music that I do. (And a lot of other music that I don't, of course.)

glasshalfempty said...

Yeah, it's good. Not only was Boyd there, but he remembers! and there's a CD to go with it too, with quite a few TFD favorites...

goneforeign said...

Mine's from the library so there's no CD. I didn't know that he had such a love of jazz also.
I got another at the same time that I've only scanned, it's 'The Dark Side of the Moon; the making of....' by John Harris. This was prompted by my 're-discovery' of that album and how much I still enjoyed it.
I'm also intermittently reading 'One More Saturday Night' - reflections with the Grateful Dead, Dead family and Dead Heads. by Sandy Troy.

goneforeign said...

TF: Your kid's getting a good education, almost as good as being there, tell him to hurry up, you need it!
Just finished it, a great read, couldn't put it down, it had me going to my records every 10 mins to see if I had the tune he was talking about, if I didn't spotty did.