Saturday, June 6, 2009

Re. Dan Deacon Live

Yes, you can dance to it.

- The circle of interpretive dance.

- The hoe-down sassy dance-off.

- The entire audience running a human gauntlet out onto the street.

- 16 musicians.

- Every note played live.

I got nothing left.


Shoey said...

So the fat man delivered - very cool.

snadfrod said...

Yes indeed, Shoey. Yes indeed. Just to clarify my slightly out-of-focus post, all those events were conducted at the gig. I have never seen a man control a crowd so utterly and willingly in my life. I hate people who film/take pictures on thier phone at gigs, but I had to do it at a few points. Sadly, though, they were basically sweat-smeared blur. Shame.

B-Mac said...

Top notch gig report!

TracyK said...

Best. Review. Ever.

snadfrod said...

Cheers guys. It really was that immense. Physically I have been a wreck all day today. Not aided, I imagine, by the inadvisable many pints taken at The Oval whilst watching ver cricket.

All this, and tomorrow Mini Frod turns four. I'd better start blowing up balloons or I'm in for it...

Japanther said...

sounds like an amazing gig. Great review!

ejaydee said...

I was close to getting a ticket, but I had planned to stay with madame ejd, and I don't think she would have enjoyed it.
Re: the album, I agree with Saneshane, too much for me to enjoy the album as a whole, but it'll be nice on shuffle, I'm always impressed by Crystal Cat when it comes up. Also, a few of the songs I heard could do with being a minute or two shorter. I realise it sounds like mostly criticism, but it's not, I'm just offering creative guidance to Mr Deacon.

Horned Gramma said...

I bet Mr. Deacon will be so thrilled to have your creative guidance.

Saw Dan Friday night. I'll never be the same.