Saturday, July 12, 2008

all my scarycolours

Well, I've tried hard to remove the excess Cocteaux, but the struggle was too great, so that must surely be a sign that they're in with a chance next week?

I'd not heard Curtis Mayfield's original when I nominated our Sinead's track on The Other Side, but, having deezered it, I've decided I prefer hers so let me know what you think folks.

The just nom'd Rotary Connection is only available in a slightly inferior 'chillout remix' on my deezer playlist, so do check out the youtube link I've posted. Featuring Minnie Ripperton, before she became a star in her own right, and utterly awesome it is too.

Let's hope all this scarydancing will help burn off a little insomniac energy...


Discover Art of Noise!


FP said...

I know just by looking at the titles that I'll love this list. That Nuyorikan soul track has long been a favourite. And you can never have too much Cocteaux...! We have 'I a legend' to watch tonight so I'll listen in tomorrow.

Shoegazer said...

Good call with the Art of Noise & particularly enjoyed Green Bag. Am probably alone in preferring the Cocteau's 1st album to the more ethereal later stuff - they are still great though - how could you not love that voice?

FP said...

Fraser-liscious. Bill paying is so much sweeter with Liz sirening away in the background.