Saturday, July 5, 2008

prison songs

Bob Dylan--Seven Curses

Social Distortion--Prison Bound

Bessie Smith--Send me to the 'Lectric Chair
101ers--Junco Partner
101ers--Lonely Mother's Son
Fela--Expensive Shit
LKJ--Sonny's Lettah
Nina Simone--Work Song
Tom T. Hall--A Week in County Jail
Champion Jack Dupree--County Jail Special
Johnny Cash--The Wall
Johnny Cash--Greystone Chapel
Junior Wells--Prison Bars Around Me
Blind Lemon Jefferson--Penitentiary Blues
Furry Lewis--Judge Boushay Blues
Reflection Eternal(Talib Kweli & Hi Tek)--The Human Element
Lightnin Hopkins--Prison Blues Come Down On Me


glasshalfempty said...

Thanks for this brilliant set, Steenbeck. You're gonna wonder where I've been, I know, but I'd never heard of the 101ers - now I'm a convert on the hunt for a copy of Elgin Street Breakdown.

Shoegazer said...

Haven't heard the 101ers in ages & LKJ & Lightnin' Hopkins are always welcome

nilpferd said...

Especially like the Bessie Smith, the Fela, and the blues tracks. Dangerous playlist though, Steenbeck- you almost make me want to commit a crime just so I'll get thrown in the slammer..

steenbeck said...

Thanks everyone. Yeah, the 101ers are kick-ass. I'm such a huge fan of Joe Strummer, and a very young Joe Strummer....mmm.