Friday, July 25, 2008

We Are All Prostitutes

This week's theme of anti-work songs fit's perfectly for one of my anti-heroes, Mark Stewart. I won't bore you with the biographical details as you can go here if interested:

What I love about Mark Stewart is that he is a true innovator with an uncompromising attitude. He was one of the first to put some funk in post-punk and one of the first to steal, mash-up, dub & overdub to create something unique, usually with an in-your- face political point. His live shows with the Maffia (= Tack>Head = The Sugarhill Gang) were astonishing. He has a new album "Edit" & is currently touring Europe. He is not everyone's cup of tea.

This week's playlist has lot's of Mark Stewart in it. Some sort of introduction to these things seems to generate more commentary, rather than my usual (lazy) practice of just sticking up the songs for people to walk away with/from. So we'll give that a try too.

1. Here's Johnny. Mr. & Mrs. Shoegazer Senior had this single with "The Blizzard" on the B side - so it represents the 1st musical respect Mum & Dad got from me. Also, am convinced that the single version was different to this one. Anyone, anyone, Bueller? 2. M.S. puts in his 1st appearance. 3. Anyone still here after that can listen to the easier listening version by Dub Syndicate. 4. The Congo's, LSP's finest production work on this album IMHO. Still not sure if this is an anti or pro work song? 5. Blue Orchids - mellower Fall spin-off 6. Mr Dury's 1st big hit. 7. M.S. again with The Pop Group & the title track, but this is a recent, insane remix by Adam Sky. 8. Tools You Can Trust grunting & probably operating DIY machinery in the studio. 9. Mr.Devoto wants to join in the fun & give up the farm work. 10. The Jam with a brave choice of single after a run of mega-hits. 11. M.S. to close. Like a fine wine he mellows (slightly) with age (put on some weight too, judging from the above photo).

Sixteen Tons
None Dare Call It Conspiracy
The Corporation
Bring the Mackaback
What A Waste
We Are All Prostitutes
Working & Shopping
Model Worker
Just Who Is The Five O'Clock Hero?
Blood Money 2


FP said...

Sorry to be a bit traditional and boring but I adored hearing Mr Dury and the Jam again...

Blimpy said...

Great selection!

Shoegazer said...

Q: What do Ian Dury, The Jam & FP have in common.
A: None of them will ever be boring. Thanks for stopping by.

Glad you liked it

FP said...

Well, there's the bad haircuts and dodgy teeth as well...
Nice one Toffee. You're still my favourite ice cream flavour.

FP said...

Yikes, sorry Shoey! Got my Bloggers mixed up. You are the Jimmy Choos of the Shoegazers!