Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shoey's Pissed Off Playlist

In response to DsD's last post, here are some of my "venting" songs:


DarceysDad said...

I like the Nick Cave - that could definitely go on my list.

The Stranglers one is a bit strange; more Dr.Feelgood-a-like than NoMoreHeroes-ish.

The Nina Nastasia is lovely (and not a tune of hers I have, so thanks), but wouldn't be on a 'need-for-physical-release' list chezDD. More like one for the 'wallowing-in-self-pity-indulgence', which is a different list altogether!

Maybe later ...

Shoegazer said...

Thought that after tunes covering (for me, anyway): disbelief, revenge, insult & complete relationship breakdown (The Goats as "Rootless Tree" was already taken); felt the need to finish with apology (Nick) & acceptance (Nina). After all we can't stay mad forever.

Glad you liked some of it.

DarceysDad said...

OH I SEE! A complete chronological soundtrack to a typical pissed-off storyline? Far too intelligent for me ... I was just sticking to the 'Barking-At-The-Moon-And-Wanting-To-Hit-Something' section.

Cheers Shoey.

And btw, I may be at my list again tonight: I was supposed to be starting on an 11-week $30,000 contract tomorrow. The plug was pulled at 3.30pm this afternoon, leaving me staring at a vast expanse of blank white pages in the work diary. Bearing in mind that June & July have been similar after I'd been asked to keep them clear for a 7-week $20k job which was then placed elsewhere (the rival quote undercut me but gambles with the client's H&S), and I won't be splurging on any luxuries anytime soon. Will almost certainly miss Drive-By Truckers mini-tour/festival appearances over next couple of weeks.


Shoegazer said...

Well that really blows.

Sounds like time to break-out a bottle of scotch & some Motorhead.

Blimpy said...

Hey Darce, at least they're not Zimbabwean dollars!!

DarceysDad said...

Hhmmpf! I could afford to lose that many of those.

saneshane said...

The Wolfgang Press is getting a Battering in my headphones...I would have added GDMFSOB by DJ Shadow and Roots Manuva as a good pissed off track...but my account has been shut so no more playing songs from me.
I'm off on a break again.. 7 days at work on the trot is enough..and I may have calmed down by the time I'm back next tuesday...have a good w/end or holiday everyone.