Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ready For Branding

Song 1 : "Letter From God To Man" - Scroobius Pip & Dan LeSac

This track samples "Planet Telex" by Radiohead quite heavily. "Planet Telex" was originally called "Planet Xerox", Radiohead changed the title fearing a lawsuit from the corporation. 
This sampling has been okayed by Radiohead, which I believe is a rare feat for anyone to achieve. What I like most about this track is the anger in Scroobius Pip's voice towards the end of the song, the like of which hasn't been heard since prime period Eminem (remember him?)

Song 2: "Blue Plastic Bags" by Malcolm Middleton

Is so good, I'm posting it again, as it mentions "Six bottles of Stella, Jacob's Creek, and twenty fags" , as well as hiding self help books inside Heat magazine to avoid the shame. 
There's an interesting duality to this song, the tongue is in the cheek when he sings "sing along with the sad songs" and sends up miserablism. But then again, if you are wanting some proper good miserablism, this song is perfect too. Works on two levels, eh? 

Letter From God To Man by Scroobius Pip and Radiohead
Blue Plastic Bags by Malcolm Middleton


Shoegazer said...

OK, Malcolm is growing on me. Maybe if you post him a few more times....

ToffeeBoy said...

Absolutely loving that 'Letter From God To Man' - thanks for sharing!

ToffeeBoy said...
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steenbeck said...

Blimpy, just listening to Toffee's Jonathan Richman staring absently at your alphabet, and started to treat it as a quiz. SO here's what I came up with...Barbie, Disney, Fila, Google, H&M, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogs, Lego, Mtv?, Nintendo?, Quicktime, Texaco, Virgin...Yahoo? That's it for me...

ejaydee said...

I got Coca-Cola, Ebay, Oakley, Puma, RAC, Sega, Unilever, Walkman, Xbox and Zurich.

DarceysDad said...

I'm just trying to catch up on everything after my weekend away and came up on my comments email that said "Treat as a quiz":

A - Driving me mad, but can't place it. Computer-related? LATE UPDATE GUESS: Acrobat?
B - Barbie?
C - Coca-Cola
D - Disney
E - eBay
F - Fila
G - Google
H - H&M
J - Johnson & Johnson
K - Kelloggs
L - Lego
M - MTV?
N - Nintendo
O - No idea!
P - Puma
Q - Quicktime
R - RAC?
S - Superstars ???
T - Texaco
U - Don't know. Think I probably should.
V - Virgin
W - Walkman
X - X-Box
Y - Yahoo
Z - Zurich

How'd I do?

Blimpy said...

Darce, well done!! You've won a lifetime in hock to The Man!!!