Monday, July 7, 2008

Holy Moly

I have spent this ENTIRE weekend driving myself and everyone around me crazy trying to recognize a few seconds of melody that were stuck in my head. Tonight I figured it out! It's from the Pete Rock-produced Talib Kweli song Holy Moly. And the thing that's remarkable about it is that he SINGS. It's at the end of the song, and he's talking about friends that have died, and he says, "you're still here cause you're living through me" and he sings!! It's a beautiful moment. (Aretha Franklin sample!!)


ejaydee said...

Ooh I liked that.

Mnemonic said...

That Aretha sample you can hear throughout is from "Border Song (Holy Moses)" written by Elton John!

steenbeck said...

I'm glad you did. I like how it all comes out in a rush of words, not verse-chorus-versey. I think we should have an RR topic of songs about songs that have saved your life. Or in Dungeon family parlance, the music that took you, put you in a pot and cooked you.