Friday, July 4, 2008

Break Out

Just Give 'em Whiskey
36 Hours
Percy's Song
Prisoner of His Mind
Birmingham Six
Bear Cage
I Got Stripes


Proudfoot said...

OK you changed my mind again. I can never decide whether the Fairport version on Unhalfbricking is my favourite or Dylan's 'Gaslight' version. Tonight his Bobness gets the vote.

REALLY great to hear 'Bear Cage' again. Ze Englishman is Mad! I remember Hugh Cornwell around this time explaining how the Stranglers became less popular the better he learned to play the guitar; not that that's particularly obvious on this song. The wibbly sax made this for me.

I WAS going to recommend 'Solsbury Hill' but I thought it was stretching the allegory a bit far. I lacked courage, mon brave.
It certainly is a 'break out' song. Imagine being cloistered with Mike of the Mechanics, Phil Collins and Tony 'Interesting' Banks. Tonight there's going to be a Jailbreak, somewhere in this band!
It's my 4-year-old's current favourite so I know it can stand endless repeats. Unlike, say, Phil Collins' theme from 'Tarzan'.
I have to say, though that 'I Got Stripes' sounds so jaunty it's almost comical. It's got about the same gravitas as George Formby cleaning windows! I know one's not allowed to criticise Johnny Cash ever, but some of his 'chick-a-boom' recordings really throw away great songs. Huzzah for Rick Rubin says I.

Proudfoot said...

Whoops, just realised Solsbury Hill was not on your playlist but floating in from another planet. Sorry if that was confusing. Great song though- add it to the list!

Shoegazer said...

Hugh Cornwell was in prison when this was done so they had to enlist help from some friends for a 2 night commitment at the Rainbow. John Ellis (Vibrators) & John Turnball (Blockheads) were on guitar with Davey Payne (Blockheads) on sax & Mr. Dury trying to remember the words. The Strangled Blockheads also did a mean version of Peaches. Amongst others helping out on different songs were Peter Hammill, Steve Hillage, Wilco Johnson, Robert Fripp, Robert Smith & Richard Jobson.

On the first night Joy Division were the support act. Billy Idol fell off stage, broke his leg & got stretchered out. Ah happy days......

Blimpy put up Solsbury Hill but was feeling guilty about it for some reason.

ToffeeBoy said...

Great to hear the Colourbox track, shoegazer. Love the samples from The Prisoner, Westworld and lots of other stiff I can't quite remember.

Proudfoot said...

He likes Toto and feels guilty about Solsbury Hill?

Shoegazer said...

*Shrugs* Go ask him, he was in the next blog down


Just, whatever you do, don't mention Coldplay.

Shoegazer said...

Before this weeks playlist falls into the Spill archive - quick Review of Boxtr shows that, based on plays, Colourbox was the most popular pick. Didn't recommend this on the mothership as, apart from Prisoner, there are so many other samples in there that don't fit the theme. Think there is some "Once Upon a Time in the West" in there, leftover from the classic "Shy One Horse". Toffeboy called the rest.

Mr. Cash, as called by Proudfoot, was the turd in the punchbowl. Still like the jaunty little tune myself, after so many depressing prison songs. Oh well. A Formby/Cash mashup album? Could be onto something huge there sir.

Shoegazer said...

"A Boy Named Mr. Woo"?