Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No I Have NOT Had A Good F**kin' Day

Anyone who recognises the above logo will know my pain. Anyone who doesn't ... don't ask.

The point is that I'm in a VERY black mood, and in these cases I have a bunch of songs that I use as pressure release valves. I can't say too many of you are going to like these - and be warned: swearing figures LARGE - but I'm using them as a test to see if I can make Boxstr work.

Now if you don't mind, I'm off to do my best 'Headbanging-Whirling-Dervish-Attacks-Air-Guitar-Whilst-Practising-Primal-Scream-Therapy' thang!

Damien Rice - Rootless Tree
Sass Jordan - Damaged
WGC - Let It Roll
Icicle Works - Shit Creek
Young Heart Attack - Mouthful Of Love
The Datsuns - MF From Hell
Th'Legendary Shack Shakers - Ichabod
The Bellrays - Stupid Fuckin' People
Alter Bridge - Metalingus


Anonymous said...

That Bellrays song is pure awesomeness! thanks for posting it!!

They really should do a similar number called "Stupid People Fuckin'"........


Anonymous said...

If it picks you up DD, then it doesnt matter what kind of two fingered salute it offers, so long as it gets you back to from the black. I must confess I dont practice music therapy as much as I used to. Nice idea actually. Consider yourself an inspiration to me! sourpus

steenbeck said...

You made Boxstr work!! for what it's worth. I had a bizarrely bad fucking weekend in major and minor ways--from suicidal friends to blocked kitchen sinks a party full of dirty dishes no money for a plumber. But...I would like to remind everyone that it's fucking okay to fucking curse on the goddamn fucking brilliant spill.

And...You made boxstr work!!

DarceysDad said...

@ Blimpy & sourpus - Thanks.

@ steenbeck - fucking damn thanks!

Oh and I ought to mention [says he, meekly now that the fury has been vented] that I've had an empty house tonight ... don't try this (when the kids are) at home folks!

Techy point - I see that the play triangle only attaches itself to mp3s; my other posted tracks are all wma, but THAT means I can now post every single song I own . . .

[Walks away to bed stroking evil cat and planning world domination.]

TracyK said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling cheerier now you have vented. We all need a vent now and then!