Wednesday, July 30, 2008

splat splash splosh

I went on holiday and came back to a million spill e-mails, I've been though most of them and couldn't turn down the chance to get a swimming play list going, even though Boxstr has stopped my account by request.

On another account here are some swimming songs....
I love some of these so much..hope you enjoy them too....

Hot Chip
Swan Lake
Broken Social Scene
I am Kloot
Tom McRae
Bjork and Bronsky Quartet
Brother Brown
Nouvelle Vague


darceysdad said...

Great picture that, Shane.

Megadonds for I Am Kloot - was on my half-hearted scribbled Swimming Songs list.

ejaydee said...

I do enjoy them, a lot.

saneshane said...

Glad you like...
Zane thinks jumping in any water is the coolest thing in the world now after having a pool at our Otel Apart and a deserted sea all to ourselves.

And doing the music is now a !%^*(&.
I have maybe 5 illegal downloads on my computer...I think 2 of those were sent to me by not even searching for stuff.
But the joyful DMCA has shut my account, maybe 50 tracks uploaded, nothing played more than about 30 times..except the hip 3ish tracks 50 times!
Can they not go back to watching American Gladiators and not someone who just wants to go.."listen to this isn't it great, go find some more"

It annoyed me so much..I'm going to keep going 'till I run out of e-mail addresses...rant over.
(unless I have a beer later, then I might start you I have to)

Oh EJD I only mentioned mushaboom and your name together, as I had just read that you still listen to it once in a while in a comment..but as i'm catching could of been weeks ago that you said that...

steenbeck said...

Cool and refreshing playlist, Shane, thank you. And I love the art, too.

WHere did you go on vacation?

ejaydee said...

Yes that's true, but I mostly listen to the second album nowadays. I might not be able to post on RR tonight, in fact I might be a bit absent this week. I selfishly hope it's a crap theme this week...

Shoegazer said...

Great pic Shane & great playlist as usual

Anonymous said...

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