Friday, July 18, 2008

Persona Non Grata

Distraught isn't the word for it. It seems I am no longer welcome on Readers Recommend as any attempt to post is referred to the Moderator and never thereafter comes to light. Any attempts to contact the Guardian have been met with stony silence - anything addressed to the 'registration' help email address is returned as a non-delivery notice. I don't know if the reason is related to the fact that I post from the Gulf. I can't imagine why that should be so, the UAE is quite idyllic apart from the fact we are singed just looking out of the window by the scorching heat. Anyway, I'll put my suggestions on here and anyone is welcome to plunder or forward them should they wish. The Judds track is particularly fine.

John Deere Tractor - The Judds
Money for Nothing - Dire Straits
Kodak Ghosts - Michael Chapman
Mr and Mrs Mickey - The Bonzos congratulate Mickey Mouse
The Jeepster - Marc Bolan
and, tenuously,
Parlaphone - Erik Truffaz

Here's my Jeepster ploughing through the flooded Al Ain wadi in 2004, back in the days when it still rained here.

Off on me hols for a month. Looking forward to rostilje and beer in Belgrade and stotties and beer in Newcastle.


darceysdad said...

I've informed Amnesty Internation, tf. They're on the case.

Shoegazer said...

Er.... your original rr comment posted:

You are no longer Tempusfugitive (Tempusparanoid maybe).

Tempusfugit said...

It seems my name may be back 'on the door' and posting heaven has been re-instated. Fingers crossed.

Frogprincess said...

Tempus, pet, thuh's nee fancy tecchy porson ganna keep yuh off wuh blog. Nee way. Jus tell 'em wuh'll dunch 'em if thuh divvent get yuh back. Seems it's workin', like. Have a great holiday n' if yah fancy a canny plate o' fish, gan tuh Sambucca restaurant on the Tyneside fish quey. Thuh kna what thuh doin' wi' a plate o' fishy, man.

TracyK said...

Sorry, FP, you've gone again...