Friday, July 11, 2008

Little Blue Number

Having just recommended Richard Thompson's 'Little Blue Number' over on the Mothership with the quote

"Where did you get that little blue number?
How do you make those rhinestones shine?
Do you go on the prowl while other folks slumber?
Did you steal those things right off of the line?
Hold your horses, that's something of mine..."

I fell to musing (well, it's Friday, I'm at work, what are you gonna do?) on what it reminded me of: I used to live next door-but-one to a bloke who pinched knickers off washing lines and then posted them back through people's letter boxes. You didn't always get your own knickers back - sometimes they were other people's - but at least you knew they were clean.

Any more songs that remind people of incidents in their lives? I don't mean 'this song was playing when I met my husband' stuff so much...

Rock'n'roll, RT!


Proudfoot said...

Hey that was quite punky. I hate the way he plays brilliant licks so effortlessly. TFD there are countless songs that take me back to a specific time but I'll limit myself to RT (and LT)'s 'Hard Luck Stories' off Pour Down Like Silver. We shared a flat with a REALLY boring Music student who just whinged all the time and began every sentence with a blating "I-I-I...". I'd bought Pour Down for about 50p in a sale and gave it a spin with 3-4 mates. As soon as that track had finished everyone looked at each other and said, in perfect unison,"That's him!". I still think they must have met the guy to come up with:
" You don't like one thing, you don't like another/
You don't like anything that looks like bother/
Everyone don't like something and we all don't like you".
Mind you, we all know someone like that.

Shoey said...

A friend of mine played Leonard Cohen's "The Future" at the stroke of 12 at a New Year's Eve party. Now that song always makes me smile whenever I hear it.