Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Okay-got fed up with the pain of my went to iSTANBUL as you do-here is something Blue behind our son who has been a is such a kid friendly place.
Having skimmed through quickly..I have to say an orange thanks to steenbeck for Tom Vek and 'nothing but green lights' a talking heads style groover of a track that I love.

I wouldn't have bothered and these don't count but I'm obsessive..tickle me pink is a big favourite and neon orange wins out in my mountain goats coloured tracks..but most of cactus songs compilation is very small- I don't think it will ever be a subject on RR-
so just to get Green Spickey Cactus listened to..a late colour selection.
Hope you enjoy.

Shearwater-red sea black sea
The Mountain Goats-neon orange glimmer song
Johnny Flynn-tickle me pink
Sons and Daughters-red receiver
Balkan Beat Box-red Bula
Gruff Rhys-painting people blue
The Duke Spirit-red weather
Ladytron-deep blue
Phil Manzanera-green spickey cactus
Latin Playboys-same brown earth
Damian Marley-khaki suit


DarceysDad said...

Dayamn! I wish I had an eye like that for framing a photo. Nice one Shane.

Shoegazer said...

Welcome back Shane!

Another great playlist. Loved the Balkan Beatbox, reminded me of Twinkle Brothers dubbing up some Polish polka.

& then there is always the Goats. Always the Goats...

steenbeck said...

Saneshane!! I felt very foolish for worrying about blimpy, and swore I'd never worry about absent spillers again, but you were missed!! Istanbul. I'm jealous. Beautiful picture, and I'm looking forward to listening tomorrow.

Proudfoot said...

Ah, the Blue Mosque. I have a feeling I stayed in a 'Pansion' called the Rose Palace when I was there. T'was long ago.

Proudfoot said...

PS great playlist. Very original too. Don't think I saw too many of those recommended by anyone else.
That's the 2nd Mountain Goats song I've heard & liked this week.They're on 4AD aren't they? Must investigate.