Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Swimming Songs!

"Swim" by Madder Rose

I loved Madder Rose when they were around, they released a coupe of brill albums in a row, and I saw them play quite a few times - they played the day after Kurt did 'imself in, and dedicated a cover of Sonic Youth's "Star Power" to him, which I found quite moving at the time. 

"The river's edge you jump right in
The current's strong it makes you spin
Your arms in a wild rotation
Your arms in a wild rotation

The truth's enough to set you afloat
Describe the truth as a yellow lifeboat
Admitting this you climb its ladder
But now the yellow boat
Just looks sadder"

Do we have enough swimming songs for a top ten yet? 


TatankaYotanka said...

Of course there's always
'The Swimming Song'
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
don't know if links work here but of course it's pretty easy to find

treefrogdemon said...

Well, duh, that's the same song that I suggested!

Blimpy said...

The Swimming Song really is very swimmy isn't it? Lyrically I mean. It doesn't sound like swimming.

Onomatopoeia Top Ten anyone?

The only one I can think of off the top of my head is the modernist chap (was it Reich? Or Glass?) who did the sound of the sun rising. I think. My Dad used to play me them as a child, so it was a fair while back....which isn't onomatopoeia really is it?

B'dum tish is a good one.

I don't really know where I'm going with this....

Abahachi, are you back from holiday yet?

Blimpy said...

Although, I think the French have it right with "plouf" which is WAY better than "splash"; if you don't believe me, go watch "science of sleep" again.

Shoegazer said...

Umm - Scritti Politti
How I Sang Dang - Arcie Bronson Outfit
Gobbledigook - Sigur Ros
Gesunteit - People Like Us
Pissing - Low

Shoegazer said...

Or rather "Archie" & Gesundheit

Boing Boom Tschak - Kraftwerk

& for bands have Boom Bip & Blurt

Blimpy said...

Nice work Shoey, and damn quick off the mark!! Respect for that, and also for recommending the brilliant Archie Bronson Outfit!!

I think there's enough here for a post - do you want to do it, or shall I?

Blimpy said...

I've done it! Hit refresh everyone!!!

TatankaYotanka said...

@ treefrogdemon ... whoops, I see you did get in there with The Swimming Song; I was working from the top down ... strangely enough I always read newspapers and magazines from back to front. I find LW3 a bit creepy in general and much prefer Kate and Anna's version .. having said that, I saw him do a guest spot at Peter Blegvad's Woodcutters Ball (night of a thousand stars) 10 or more years ago and enjoyed it. Hey ho;
This one might not be swimmy enough for Blimpy either but I like the way it reverses Stevie Smith's most famous poembite .. only for the refrain I must admit
Not Waving But Drowning - Judge Smith
sample here
and lyrics here