Monday, July 14, 2008



How do I make a conference call?
With Skype, you and 24 other people can take part in a conference call. 

1. There are a couple of ways to start a conference call:
- On the Contacts tab click Create Conference
- Or click from the menu select Call > Start Conference Call
both these options will open a Conference Call window. 

To add people, click on a contact's name in Choose contacts box and then click on the Add button below. The contact is now added to Conference participants window. 

You can add both Skype contacts and SkypeOut contacts to a conference call in the same way. 

2. Once you have selected the participants, simply click the Start button. 

3. You'll be shown a conference tab with the names of all participants. Participants will be added to the conference call once they answer your call. 

If you are already in a call and would like to add an additional participant to the call, simply right click on a contact in your contact list and choose Invite to Conference. Or from the conference tab, click Add Callers and add more participants.

It's totally free, the only problem with our international distribution would be finding a time when everybody's awake, it's the next step beyond podcast, plus it could be recorded and posted.


ejaydee said...

Hmm, funny idea, but the time differences and general busy schedules (I leave work just as Europe is more or less going to bed) would make it tough.

darcey's poor dad said...

Skype is one for my next PC. The b45tard virus this one's got is throttling it to death. It's been backing up a 4gb file for 29hrs so far - used to take 15 mins. Whatever it is has disabled SpyBot and is preventing AVG from updating.

What with that, my four-figure bill for the warped cylinder head on my car (took the aircon with it trying to cool itself), and the tumble dryer belching black smoke all over everywhere except the smoke alarms (kitchen redecoration MAY be avoidable after all: 3 days of leaving the back door open to air it seem to have rid us of the last of the stench of burnt electrics), it hasn't been the best of weeks!

You may not actually WANT to talk to me at the moment!!

And when we would find an occasion to conference like that with the time differences, I just can't imagine.

glasshalfempty said...

@ DsD - beware, slow backups are also a sign of impending hard disk death. You do have a full back up, of course...

DarceysDad said...

That's what I'm trying to do!! Trouble is, between work stuff, and the family photos, there's around 20gb I've got to get through.

My fault, I haven't done a full back-up since last October apparently.

glasshalfempty said...

Good luck.

I've just survived a similar experience, and the back up had fortunately almost finished when the drive finally gave up the ghost. I've now got Apple's Time Machine (that does an automatic incremental back up every hour in background), and I back up onto a Raid 1 disk array to boot.

When your PC finally gives out on you, you might consider a Mac (it will even run Windows for anything you have that depends on that). I've had a Mac for nearly 20 years, and yet to (knowingly)have a virus, thank goodness.

goneforeign said...

I'll endorse that totally, I bought my first Mac in the mid 80's and have had several since, no viruses or serious problems with any of them and re. the myth of Macs being expensive, read the post I put up here some weeks back and then go and just have a poke around at an Apple store, check for locations, the new iMac is a great unit and you can now run all your PC software on it, it's a universal machine. Then we'll have time for hours long skype chat sessions!

ejaydee said...

Well I've had a virus on a Mac, probably from overdoing Limewire though.

darcey's panicking dad said...

SHIT! I think it IS the hard drive! I've disconnected the PC from the internet, and shut down every unnecessary program, but Tak Manager says the CPU is 98% occupied running the System Idle Process !!!

Now frantically keeping fingers crossed whilst I write the photos to disc one file at at time, but it's currently telling me it will take 27 minutes to write 22mb of Christmas Day photos to CD.

If it dies on me, is there any way of getting those photos off a dead disc??

Mnemonic said...

@DsD, a friend of mine had a disk restored by an expert, when all normal sources had declared it completely beyond recovery. He wasn't outrageously expensive, either. If the worst happens, I can get the name for you.

treefrogdemon said...

Never mind Skype - you all need to sign up to Yahoo Messenger so we can share m*s*c for free.

Mnemonic said...

I uninstalled Yahoo Messenger because I found it so irritating and it slowed my machine launching so much. If there's a way of using it only to transfer files without it opening every time I switch on, I'd reinstall it.

treefrogdemon said...

Mnemonic, there's a way to do that here:

DarceysDad said...

DAMN! You can tell i'm stressed. Just wrote a response / update, and didn't follow my own advice about Select-Copy before posting. Sure enough . . . *Ppouuff* gone forever!

Short version
Apols to gf for hijacking his thread.
Thanks for all offers of help: PC still wheezing along mega-slowly on starter-motor and fumes, writing files to memory-stick/discs.
Admittance: already panic-bought replacement PC. Arrives tomorrow afty, so I may not be up and ready in time for RR (this laptop's OK but has no access to digitised part of DsD music collection)

Mnemonic said...

Thanks, tfd, that seems to be working.