Friday, July 11, 2008

Chromo-Fat Free

I've drastically culled a lot of the chromo-fat from my recommendations on the Mothership, not that many instrumentals, except ones I thought were really worth it, especially Brown Bag, which contains one of my favourite guitar solos ever. We also have Outkast's ode the more experienced woman, Laurent Garnier's furious character (if the sound on the video isn't good enough, I might upload it) Doris Monteiro's Green Coconut Tree, the inevitable Red Wine, and more.

Green Hornet
Green & Blue
Red Red Wine
Pink & Blue
Blue Velvet
Blue Moon
Behind Blue Eyes
Blue Milk (Edit)
Brown Bag
Brown Skin Girl
Coqueiro Verde
Golden Locks


Proudfoot said...

Chromo-fat. I like it. I'd like to think I could come up with a witty phrase for excess recommendations every week, but I bet I won't.

Proudfoot said...

PS. This was a good theme for some instrumentals to get in. There are never enough IMHO

ejaydee said...

Thanks, I found my title. So I took on your challenge and searched for a witty phrase for excess recommendations for prison theme, and came up with nothing. Or wait, what about "low in iron"?..

steenbeck said...

wonderful list. Specially loved the last 3. Brown Skin Girl is killer. It sounds so smooth, but it has a bite. Who does Golden Locks?

Proudfoot said...

! Or 'Put Down By Law'?
'Dregs 11'? A bit obscure that. Better try this:

I've just read this and now I understand why my mate's nickname at school was 'Bad News Benson'.

Proudfoot said...

@ ejaydee. Just had a listen to Harry Belafonte. It's really weird how stuff like this sounds better now than ever. I wouldn't have touched this with a barge pole when I was a callow youth, and now it sounds light, cheeky, a little bit subversive and downright tuneful. Think I'll get my Nina and Frederick records out...damn...they're at my parents' house.

ejaydee said...

Harry Belafonte has some great stuff, Jamaica Farewell in the same style is wonderful. There's also the party songs like Man Smart (Woman Smarter), Coconut Woman or The Jackass Song.

Golden Locks is by Lee "Scratch" Perry.

FP said...

Que du bonheur! Donds for Bobby Vinton, Mel Tormé and the Bunnymen (? _ blue?) Oh and Pink and Blue as well.

ejaydee said...

Bunnymen? Do you mean The Who?

Shoegazer said...

Love Golden Locks, of course. The late Bim Sherman also did a great version.