Saturday, July 12, 2008

colors without a "u"

golden baboon--mandrill
Blue River--Jack Teagarden
the blue room--Tommy Dorsey
Baby Blue Eyes--Flatt & Scruggs
Blue Skies--Ella Fitzgerald
Blue Moon--Billie Holiday
Lassie w/ the Yellow Coatie--Jean Redpath


nilpferd said...

All good. Particularly like the funky baboon. The lyrics to blue room are also lovely, I have a nice version by Ella F. Seeing as you mentioned blue in green on RR, you might like Cassandra Wilson's vocal version, called sky and sea...

FP said...

Ha! Came on with the intention of saying that Da Hippo should listen to Mandrill. Already done. Loved that! And the Ella also. Of course...