Friday, July 25, 2008

Dancey Schmancey? Too much like hard work!

(Eddy Clearwater - With thanks to tincanman for the picture)
OK, if I'm getting the hang of this, what follows are most of my best nominations so far this weekend. I've put in both versions of Easy Money even though RLJ has no chance of 2wks running, I've given you two of the Zutons songs as they're so different. Katrina & The Waves original of Going Down To Liverpool is much meatier than The Bangles, and we'll finish with Drive-By Truckers' industrial strength riff for Buttholeville. RR Socialisers: note that I HAVEN'T nominated or posted Swiss-metallers Krokus' Bedside Radio "Instead of going to the office, you're leaving town!" Still wincing over putting that on my CD almost 12 months later.

Eddy Clearwater - Lazy Woman
Lowell George - Easy Money
Rickie Lee Jones - Easy Money
Edie Brickell - In The Bath
Katrina And The Waves - Going Down To Liverpool
Blood Meridian - Work Hard, For What?
Richmond Fontaine - Exit 194B
The Zutons - Don't Get Caught
The Zutons - Family Of Leeches
Slobberbone - Lazy Guy
Thunder - Ball And Chain
Drive-By Truckers - Buttholeville

Tin emailed me that photo of Eddy Clearwater; I sent him a gig-going tale about the man in reply. If anyone wants to hear it ...


Blimpy said...

did eddy clearwater rip off the doors, or was it the other way round?

FP said...

Big Love to you Dancey, Man. Katrina's version of Liverpool was on the B side of 'Walking on Sunshine'. And it IS meatier with a compelling, hip grinding guiter sound. Awesome to hear that one again. And that's from someone who loves the Bangles to pieces. I can't belieeeeeeeve we haven't got 'Manic Monday' into a list yet. But I've been wrong about shoo-ins before...

Shoegazer said...

Relatives in town, but found some time to enjoy Blood Meridian, Slobberbone & the Zutons. Also a quick way to convert those pesky WMA files to mp3 to listen later. Cheers - oh, & great post title too.

DaddyPig said...

Enjoying the variety of music here, though my computer doesn't want to give me a 'Play' symbol by every track. I've got the Rickie-Lee Jones album, and after the success of Last Chance Texaco, I'm hoping for an excuse to nominate Danny's All-Star Joint soon ! And I remember the Katrina & T'Waves too. Enjoyed The Zutons too, only knowing 'Valerie'.

You're showing much dedication, combining playlisting with work & family life. I just squeeze in time on RR at cost of some sleep...

DarceysDad said...

@ DaddyPig - I don't know how to solve it (I'm no techgeek, believe me!) but I have figured out you only get play symbols for the mp3 files. All the others here are wma, but a double-click on the songtitle does give you the option to copy it to your machine.

And it'll be "fastest finger first" when there IS a chance of nominating Danny's All-Star Joint. All we're waiting for is for Maddy to drop her hanky ... (cue theme to The Good The Bad & The Ugly)!

Shoegazer said...

How to get pointy little play arrows with WMA files by copying them as mp3's.

#1 Download iTunes (you knew you had to sometime, if you don't have already)

#2 In iTunes, select Edit/Preferences/Advanced (tab)/Import(tab)

#3 On the "Import Using" (drop down menu) select mp3 encoder (To undo/reset default, select AAC from the drop-down - but why would you want to when AAC files are just as annoying as WMA files).

#4 Chose file/import & find the WMA file you want. iTunes will ask if you want it to copy the file as an mp3 for you? Click, yes please. It can only do one WMA at a time & won't work with protected files (you have to jump through a couple more hoops for those). Your original WMA file is not affected.

#5 The new file can be copied & pasted from within i-Tunes. (Tip: Select the "recently added" playlist, & your new file will always be at the top of the playlist). Or from Boxtr look-in in My Music/i-Tunes/i-Tunes Music/"artist"/"album"/"song" to upload.

If you call me a geek, this post will self-destruct.

ejaydee said...

Does anybody know how to do that on a mac?

Shoegazer said...

Changing the import settings in iTunes on a Mac should work the same way.