Sunday, July 13, 2008

Colour me happy

This has been a bumper week on the Mothership, with dozens of lovely songs brought to my ears. Here's a subset of my picks (part of the motivation is to share good stuff with y'all, but there's also a sneaking suspicion that making it easy for MissCorvette to hear things enhances one's chances in the Big List).
So here's Bright Eyes with a very high 'blue' count; the madness that was the Bees; another track from George Harrison's wonderful 'Wonderwall' movie soundtrack; and Echo & the Bunnymen doing their thang.
This is my first attempt to use Boxstr (my Podbean account is full). So excuse me if I screw up.
Voices green and purple
Red Lady Too
Turquoise days


glasshalfempty said...

Well, it seems to work, but how do you boxstr jocks get to have a play symbol at the start of your song title?

(El Blimpo, we could do with a guide to boxstr in the 'computery things' - I'd gladly write one if I knew what I was doing ;-}

ejaydee said...

You did get a play symbol, it's working fine.

nilpferd said...

I was on the verge of asking the same thing- how do you get the neat little boxstery play triangle- for my podcast, when one magically appeared. Once your bandwidth is used up, though, it will disappear again, until the next day. A bit like the sun, really. I infer therefore that the internet is actually orbiting Boxstr and there are some other things we don't yet know about which occasionally get in the way, and, like eclipses, block the signal temporarily.
They'll award me the nobel prize for that, posthumously, in 59 yrs. Just wait and see.

Proudfoot said...

The internet can't be orbiting Boxstr - Blimps buried it in his back garden.
The Bees sound wonderful. Old Dark Horse too.

nilpferd said...

OK then Mr. Einstein- explain the triangle thingys then.
Thought so.
Besides, Blimpy is on holiday, and in any case I'm in this for the long term.
According to my calculations, though, the problem ought to be sorted out when they start pulverising atoms at CERN sometime in October.

goneforeign said...

Ooh, I wouldn't like to live that close to Cern, is it far? wear your raincoat and keep a hat handy, and check with the Pope before you write your acceptance speech, just to be sure who's orbiting what.

nilpferd said...

CERN's not quite as far away from us as Blimpy's back yard, but far enough. Anyway, we live in a valley and -um- have a lead roof. We'll be fine. I was reading about it this week in Spiegel and apparently those black holes are supposed to disappear quite quickly after they form. Still, if one survives long enough to swallow up the ugly ring road they put around Stuttgart I won't be complaining.

Shoegazer said...

Good to hear Bright Eyes & you can never have too much Bunnymen